The End of the Line


This story has come to an end.

Not Addergoole as a whole, of course; there will always be more Addergoole, more Faerie Apocalypse, more stories to tell.

But the Ghost Story has wrapped up.

If you haven’t read The Original Series and Year Nine, that will give you at least a couple more days of Addergoole reading, or check out the Faerie Apocalypse, Addergoole, and Cloverleaf categories on Lyn’s writing blog:

Lyn Says:

This has been a lot of fun!  It’s nice – as several people mentioned – leaving stories on a happy ending, here in Addergoole’s dungeon – and I think this presages more happy endings to come.

I admit I was surprised when people asked for Cya as one of the main characters in this story, but it’s been awesome going back and really figuring out how her first year went.  And the end of her first year – oof.  And knowing what happened to Arna and Abednego makes later things make so much sense!

I hope you enjoyed this visit to Addergoole as much as I did.  And I hope you’ll come back, the next time we dive down into the Adder hole.

Cal says:

Huh? Oh. Sorry, I was busy going LOOK AT MEEE I WROTE A COMPLETE THING.

This was kind of an experiment with me and Lyn – I do 90% of the plotting and organizing, she does 90% of the writing – and it worked out pretty well, I think. I have some other ideas to make Lyn work with me on… but that’s for another time.

I don’t normally write things as dark as Leofric’s story, so it was an interesting stretch. I’m glad I did it and am glad to have some canon to point people at for why Leo’s so hecked up in the head, but for writing? I think I’ll go back to people having minor personal drama and being shot at for a while.

I would link you to my site right now to read more but it’s uh. I’m making a new one and it’s not online yet so you’ll just have to FIND OUT NEXT TIME, ON…

Unexpected Student

To Rix Scaedu’s Prompt, set in Year 17, 2011. 

Luke was running pick-up duty, and it was making him crankier than usual, which, for this year, was saying something.

He was down to one student left, and their plane was late.

He’d lost two students in the last three days to plane crashes.  He was furious, twitchy, and upset, but mostly he was chomping at the bit in a way that he could do not a goddamned thing about.  He’d put the bit in his own mouth, after all, to stretch a metaphor.

The plane was announced.  He tried to stop pacing.  It wasn’t this girl’s fault that the world was at war.  It wasn’t her fault he couldn’t go fight, or that other students and former students were dying.  None of that was her fault.  All she’d done, as far as he knew, was get on the plane she’d been put on because of a deal her parents had made with Regine a generation ago.

Four people walked towards him, four teenagers, two girls and two boys.  One of them, in front, was holding two hands and looked like she wanted to be holding another hand somehow.

“Are you Luke?” she asked.  “They said you’d pick me up.  These are my friends, and they need somewhere to stay.  They can come with us, right?  You’re not going to turn them away, right?  It’s just – something attacked the airport as we were leaving.  There’s no place left to go.”

Luke indulged in a bit of silent swearing.

Surprise! Skip Week

Cal is in transit and I am in nanowrimo and, well, Ghost Story will return next week!

In the meantime, leave me a prompt of something you’d like to see in the Addergoole universe and I will attempt to write 100-200 words of such between now and 2 p.m. EDT Monday.