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Interlude: Ambrus

The first time he’d walked these halls, they’d been terrifying.   His footsteps had echoed, the collar around his throat had weighed strangely on him, and it seemed that everyone was staring at him.

More than two decades later, it didn’t seem as if much had changed.  There was carpet and paneling now, discrete drop ceilings and nooks that further broke up the sound.  There were students here now, filling the halls, lounging in the dining hall, exploring the library.  Ambrus was a student now, with a new twist on his name and a proud place in the Sixth Cohort.  And if there were children of his in every Cohort here (he was fairly certain there were, although there were still holes in his memory), well, he still looked young enough to be a student.  And he was still woefully ignorant enough to require the education, too.

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Chapter 3: Abednego

Saturday, September 9, 2000

“So what’s Abe short for?”  The girl scooched closer to Abednego, her plastic cup sloshing green frothiness precariously close to the top.  Her eyes were almost the same green as the drink; her hair, spilling over her bare shoulders, Abednego’s clothed shoulders, and the back of the couch, was nut-brown and soft as silk; the scattering of freckles on her pale skin were green, too.

Her presence, and the four frothy drinks Abednego had already drank, the loud music and the friendly fellow students and the tusks and horns, scales and animal ears and bears, oh my, were all going to his head.   He smiled crookedly back at her, wondering how he’d ended up with the hottest girl in…

…never mind, there was no such thing as the hottest girl in Addergoole, they were all, everyone here was, immensely distractingly gorgeous. Continue reading