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Chapter 70: Arnbjörg

Sunday, May 20, 2001

“So are we gonna do it?”  Arnbjörg was shifting her weight from the balls of her feet to her heels and back again.  “I mean.  I know Leo went a little…” She considered the room and forced a little bit of tact to come out of her mouth. “Well, he was having some trouble with blackouts when he was here?”

Zita looked at her pointedly. “I don’t know. Are you going to do it?” Her tone was too pleasant to be real.

Arnbjörg looked straight back at Zita. “Should we?”

“Eight months ago, sure. Now?” Zita shrugged.

Arnbjörg considered that answer, looked at Zita again, and decided it was a yes.  Continue reading

Chapter 10: Arnbjorg

Friday, September 22, 2000

“This sucks.”  Arnbjörg slumped into the couch.  “This whole school and all of its sucky rules and it sucky magic, the whole place sucks.”

She glanced guiltily at Jaya.  For some reason, complaining made her feel bad now, at least complaining where Jaya could hear her.  Since Jaya was looking half-sympathetic and half-distracted, she kept going. “Being Kept sucks.”
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