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Chapter 68: Cynara

Monday, May 14, 2001

The air seemed lighter in the suite.

Cya had felt the ghost leave – they all had, she thought.  The thing had sighed out of their lives with a remember and a sort of smug, self-satisfied feeling that it didn’t really seem like she’d earned.

Zita was safe with Sheba and seemed happy.  Howard might not like the collar (what collar? All he had was a flower in his hat) but he and Magnolia were happy together. Leo was – well, Leo was almost Leo again, and he was doing pretty well with Aviv.

All the major problems of the year had been solved.  It looked like even Lily had gotten rescued by an irate Arnbjörg and a very amused Jaya. Cya had seen the aftermath – Rand spewing blood from his nose and sputtering as he was escorted to Dr. Caitrin’s.  It was the sort of satisfying finish that a book ought to have.  Continue reading

Chapter 53: Leofric

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Kendo lessons were still a high point of Leofric’s week. Practicing with his cy’ree was one thing, and he did like it, but it was… it was complicated. There was the issue of “is it okay to hit someone’s Kept” some people couldn’t get past, and the funny looks when his collar changed, and…

Kendo, on the other hand, was just him and Luke. He could change into his uniform, focus on the techniques, and just forget about everything else for a little while. Even showering and changing in the empty locker room afterwards was strangely soothing; it had the same feeling as kendo, of something that hadn’t been… tainted, by the dark corruption magic he could see creeping through the school, some days. Continue reading

Chapter 49: Leofric

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Leofric was in the nurse’s office for the third time that week.

This time, at least, he knew why he was there, which he felt was supposed to be an improvement. He flexed the fingers of his right hand, making sure all the muscles and bones felt lined up right – not that he doubted Dr. Caitrin’s ability to magically heal things, but he could magically heal things too, and he had a feeling the better he knew what things felt like when they were all in the right places, the better he could fix them himself. Then he wouldn’t need to go to the nurse’s office every time he put a hand through a wall. Or a desk. Or someone’s face.
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Chapter 1: Leofric

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Leofric pulled his backpack out of his gym locker, slinging it over his shoulder with a cheerful smile at one of his classmates (kinda tall, muscular, and answering his smile with a glower that practically said “what’re you looking at”) before making his way past and out the door. It was the end of the school day, which normally he didn’t care about much — but this school day was only the second at his new school, Addergoole. His new boarding school. New, underground boarding school.

Plus, he had PE last, which meant that he got out earlier than the other classes and could avoid the usual packed halls. Leofric had been surprised how such a tiny school — barely even a hundred students! — could get such crowded halls, but as he’d realized yesterday after classes ended, the halls were really narrow.
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