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Epilogue: Abednego

“I’m not going home.”  Abednego lifted his chin up and stared at Luke, daring him to tell him differently.  “I am never going back there.  And if I see Shad or Meesh now, I’m gonna do something I’m not ready to do right.”

“Some students don’t go home,” Luke answered mildly.  “You don’t have to.  But.”

Abednego tensed.  “But, sir?”

“Come with me.” Continue reading

Chapter 71: Abednego

Thursday, May 31, 2001

Abed was wandering.

There were parts of the school he hadn’t seen.  There was a whole floor of the school, and all he’d seen of it was the front of the Store.

His room had been exactly as he’d left it on Hell Night.  Rafe, apologetic and twitchy, had helped Abed move what few things he had and cared about back to the room.  

The first thing he’d done was to buy new clothes.  Kilts.  He’d seen the bull-guy in kilts, and he had to admit, they suited his new legs better.  Shirts that didn’t have anything to do with home, weren’t hand-me-downs, didn’t smell like Rafe or like his brothers or like anything except himself. Continue reading

Chapter 62: Arnbjörg

Friday, April 13, 2001

Arnbjörg had just finished running laps of the gym, after a session with the heavy bag and enough weights that her shoulders and back had that happy ache to them.  For once, she was enjoying walking through the halls unbothered. 

“No! No, I’m not going to… let go of me!”  A flash of lightning ripped through the hallway; the lights flickered and burnt out, leaving only the dim “Hell Night” red emergency lights.  

Arnbjörg reached for a weapon she didn’t have anymore.

“I think you should leave him alone.”  The lights flickered but did not turn back on, as a second voice chimed in, similar to the first one and both familiar…

They were her half-brothers, Arnbjörg realized. Ragnvaldr and Leofric. 

“She might seem nice now, but she’s not stable, and it’s not a healthy situation.”  The new, third speaker released his quarry, however, and stepped back until he was silhouetted against one of the red lights. “Rory, I’m just saying…” Continue reading

Chapter 61: Leofric

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

“So, I heard you got past Luke’s guard.”

“Yeah.” Leofric jabbed a punch at Conrad, shifting to the side to avoid Conrad’s counter as he missed. “We did.”

“I’m impressed.” Conrad smiled, then spun around in a kick – which Leofric realized was a feint just in time to dodge a tail grab. “How far did you get?”

Conrad wasn’t the first to ask him about his recent escape attempt. Their escape attempt. If it weren’t for that, Leofric would’ve written off the whole thing as a particularly depressing dream. As it was, all he could come up with were vague images of a dreary staircase and running over dead brown grass, then his thoughts slid away from it. Continue reading

Unexpected Student

To Rix Scaedu’s Prompt, set in Year 17, 2011. 

Luke was running pick-up duty, and it was making him crankier than usual, which, for this year, was saying something.

He was down to one student left, and their plane was late.

He’d lost two students in the last three days to plane crashes.  He was furious, twitchy, and upset, but mostly he was chomping at the bit in a way that he could do not a goddamned thing about.  He’d put the bit in his own mouth, after all, to stretch a metaphor.

The plane was announced.  He tried to stop pacing.  It wasn’t this girl’s fault that the world was at war.  It wasn’t her fault he couldn’t go fight, or that other students and former students were dying.  None of that was her fault.  All she’d done, as far as he knew, was get on the plane she’d been put on because of a deal her parents had made with Regine a generation ago.

Four people walked towards him, four teenagers, two girls and two boys.  One of them, in front, was holding two hands and looked like she wanted to be holding another hand somehow.

“Are you Luke?” she asked.  “They said you’d pick me up.  These are my friends, and they need somewhere to stay.  They can come with us, right?  You’re not going to turn them away, right?  It’s just – something attacked the airport as we were leaving.  There’s no place left to go.”

Luke indulged in a bit of silent swearing.

Chapter 37: Leofric

Thursday, December 28, 2000

It was the worst Christmas break ever. Leofric was pretty sure that if it weren’t for his cy’ree practice, Eriko wouldn’t have let him out of the suite at all. As it was, he was missing his kendo lesson; it wasn’t vacation, so he didn’t have to go. At least that’s what Eriko had said when he’d asked.

So instead, he was stuck here, in the suite, sitting to the side while Eriko watched a movie. Some kind of romance drama. He’d tried following it, but he was finding it hard to care about contrived angst when everyone in his own life had it so much worse.

Why Eriko hadn’t decided to get rid of him yet, Leofric had no idea. He was constantly miserable. She was constantly crying, or angry, or crying and angry…

His musings were interrupted by a loud knock at the door. When he looked around, Cya was already getting up to answer the door, so he turned his attention back to how boring the movie was. It wasn’t like it would be anyone to see him, after all, not while he was here. And if Cya was getting the door, he didn’t have to worry about Eriko trying to make him do it. Continue reading

Interlude: Luke

Monday, December 11, 2000

He thought he might hit something.

He was certain he was going to hit something.  The question was whether or not he was going to manage to wait until he was out of Regine’s office.

“I know.”  He spoke very carefully, because if you got “emotional” around Regine, she stopped listening.  “Emotional” meant that you weren’t being “rational,” and that meant that she could discount any and everything you said.  “I’m aware that the Student Council interfered in the matter of Zita.  But they don’t see the same things as we do, and they’re — they’re biased.” Continue reading

Chapter 29: Leofric

Friday, December 1, 2000

Leofric sat cross-legged on top of a washing machine, munching on a Snickers bar and feeling more cheerful than he had in ages. There was a kind of freedom in being intentionally bad; he didn’t have to worry about whether he was going to mess up again, and as long as he didn’t think about the consequences, he didn’t even feel too guilty about it.p

Eriko really didn’t like it when he ran off, he’d discovered, and she’d given him a whole bunch of orders confining him to the suite. But it wasn’t until leaving Japanese class that he figured out a loophole: classes. She hadn’t given him any orders about skipping class. Presumably because, from what he heard, that was the one school rule you absolutely could not break.

So he was skipping class, of course.

Continue reading

Interlude: Doug

“Your daughter…!”

Doug looked up from his book, feeling his Masked stubs of wings flaring out in response to his father’s obvious anger.  “Niassa?”

Of course Niassa.  He only had one child at the school at the moment – his second, which made two more than his father’d had here so far – and of his three children, only one of them was a daughter.

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