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Thanksgiving: Half A Billion Turkeys

Thanksgiving Day, Year 6

“Do you think anyone will show up?”

“Kaia, you invited half the school.  I’m sure someone will come.”

“I hope someone shows up…”  Kailani frowned at the tables.  “I wanted…”

“I know.”  Conrad patted her shoulder.  “I don’t think families would have worked.  I think this’ll be better.  Even if it’s only four or five people, everything smells delicious.  It’ll be fine.” Continue reading

Interlude: Kailani

“We’re not new kids anymore.” Kai looked around at the other Fifth Cohort students. Jamian was busy, but she’d talked Shahin into coming. Kendra was there, doing her best to hide in a corner; Channing was front and center. Elfred and Wyatt were there, along with Channing and Nydia. Kai had invited the entire Fifth Cohort. She was not really surprised that she’d gotten less than 50 percent attendance.

He wasn’t a new kid last year, either. And he’s still wearing a collar.” Wyatt pointed a finger at Conrad. “What’s he doing here?” Continue reading