Interlude: Abaddon 3

Abaddon had put it off as long as he could.  He had come up with excuse after excuse, but the problem was, Gennie knew why he’d gone to talk to Professor Sakamato, and she wanted to know the answer.  The longer he put it off, the more suspicious she got.

“You know, you don’t look like you could be Japanese,” she was trying this time.  “But if he was your father, that would explain why they all sent you to him to talk about it.”

“They sent me to him because, uh.  Because he can handle the Other.”  He made a rough gesture at his horns, hoping Gennie understood without asking other questions.  “At least, that’s my guess.” 

“Oh, Abaddon.”  She had on her most disappointed-in-you face on.  Abaddon gulped as a surge of guilt hit him and hung his head.  “Did you let The Other out?  At a professor?”

“It’s not like he asks, you know,” he muttered.  “He’s not exactly a polite roommate or anything.  When he decides he’s coming out, he just – boom.  He’s out.”

“We talked about this, Abaddon.  You know spikes of temper aggravate him and invite him out.  Why did you let yourself get angry?  Did Professor Sakamoto not tell you who your parents were, either?”

“No.”  He could feel the Other pushing at him.  But the Other wasn’t allowed out around Gennie. “No, uh.  No, he was just – he made me angry.” Please let it drop. Please.

“Oh, for crying out loud, Abaddon, we’ve talked about this.  What could he have possibly said that made you angry enough that you couldn’t keep your control? You can’t just wander around attacking people because you’re miffed, you know.”

“It doesn’t just come out because I’m miffed,” he complained.  The Other was battering at his mental walls.  His head felt like I was splitting.

“I could give you an order not to let him out at all,” she warned.

“You tried that, remember?”  Just let her yell at him about the Other.  The guilt was pressing at him, so he dropped to his knees and lowered his head.  Just let her keep going on about that.  He could handle the pain.  “It – it was bad.  Dr. Mendosa was upset with you.”

“I remember, yes.”  Her voice was clipped.  She was irritated with him.  “The Other is a part of you.  You’re supposed to be working with Luke and Professor Fridmar to control it and let it out in specific situations.  I don’t think those situations are attacking another professor.”

“No, of course not.  And I am!”  He looked up at her.  His horns were growing longer.  He could feel the Other battering against the order.  “Gennie, you should let me leave now, please.”

“You can’t be angry now.”  She stared at him in disbelief.  “You made a mistake. You know that.  You have to remember not to make mistakes like that.”

“I – I know that, Gennie, but he, the Other, he doesn’t understand that.  He’s protective, that’s all.”

“Protective?”  It was exactly the wrong thing to say.  “Abbadon, you know you don’t have anything to worry about from me.  I’m, not one of those awful Keepers that’s going to hurt you.  I’m not going to do anything but take care of you.  But you have to behave yourself, or you’re going to get me in trouble. You understand that, right?  I just don’t want you picking fights that I can’t finish.”

I can finish them, snarled the Other. If you’d let me, I can finish them ALL.  He was pushing at the borders.

“Please?  Gennie, please, just let me go – go outside or something.  Just to blow off some steam.”  It hurt, when the Other wanted out.  That’s why Mendosa had gotten angry at Gennie, even though the order had been at least half Abbadon’s idea.  “Just let me go for a bit.”

“Not until you tell me why you thought it was okay to blow up at Professor Sakamoto.  And why didn’t anyone tell me?”

“They didn’t tell you, because that’s why they sent me to him.  Because he can handle the Other without a problem.  If it had been Hayley or one of the others, it might have been – bad?”  He was pretty sure that any of the adults here could handle themselves, even against the Other.

“You’re saying that they knew that the Other was going to come out?  How can they know that when it’s just your parents?  They can’t be too awful–”

The Other was screaming at him and battering at the sides of his brain.  “Because my father is your father too, all right?”

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