Interlude: Halfbreed Changes

Bonus Meta Week! This week we will be taking a break from our scheduled interludes to present some fae-related metatext.

The genetics of inheritance of Ellehemaei are, at best, poorly understood – that is after all a primary motivation behind the creation of the Addergoole school. What combinations create what kinds of halfbreeds? What causes an individual to express as a halfbreed, rather than a pureblood? And so on and so forth.

To that effect, all of the information below is to be considered speculation and theory, not fact.

Thoughts on the expression of Ellehemaei genetic lines in Halfbreeds


A pureblood Daeva has four defining characteristics: curved, ram-like horns that grow with age, a long sinuous tail, the ability to shapeshift to other humanoid forms, and an innate ability to read, alter, and consume the emotional energies of others.

Halfbreeds of known Daeva ancestry often have tails, some form of horns, and an ability to read or consume emotions, like their parent bloodline. Additionally, they will often express a pair of small, decorative wings – decorative in the sense that they are incapable of flight. This is, I believe, due to the latent genetics in the shared ancestry of Daevas and Dragons.

On the line of common ancestry with Dragons, there are other characteristics common to the Change of said halfbreeds that are entirely absent in the Daeva bloodline. Many seem to have some form of reptilian or avian Change – almost exclusive to those with known or suspected Daeva bloodlines, although there is some overlap with feathered Mara bloodlines.

Another, fairly unique quality of halfbreeds is how many of them seem to have a type of “elemental” Change – and these elements seemingly are linked to their bloodlines, as well. Daeva-blooded halfbreeds of the more elemental type often seem to have what I call “intangible” elements: light, shadow, and emotion, primarily.


A pureblood Grigori has three defining characteristics: supernaturally human beauty, supernaturally high intelligence, and an undefinable aura of leadership or charisma. They also are frequently more adept at Workings.

Halfbreeds of known Grigori heritage are frequently aquatic and often inherit the beauty of their heritage – though sometimes, instead, their Change takes the reverse course, with often rather horrifying results. Other common halfbreed characteristics that can be tied to Grigori bloodlines are dramatic changes in coloring – such as blue or silver skin – and physical proportions – such as supernatural height, diminutive size, or even more or fewer limbs, digits, or other physical elements than is standard.

Although all Changes seem to carry with them some form of mental effect, Grigori bloodlines manifest the most dramatic. Sometimes a halfbreed will inherit the supernatural intelligence of their ancestry; others, it manifests closer to a psychosis.

Elementally, Grigori blood seems to express largely as air or water.


A pureblood Mara has three defining characteristics: large flight-capable wings, supernatural physical abilities such as strength and toughness, and an innate sense of combat strategy.

Mara halfbreeds frequently gain either wings or supernatural physical ability. Additionally, most of the… furrier types of Changes – those with non-human mammalian characteristics – can be traced to Mara ancestry, indicating that there is some connection. There is also some indication that Mara ancestry can cause an increased level of aggressiveness in halfbreeds, although whether this is a halfbreed-only characteristic is controversial.

The more elemental Changes in Mara-blooded halfbreeds tend towards earth and fire.

Uniquely Mixed

There are a number of Changes and characteristics that seem to be unique to halfbreeds of mixed heritage – that is, they cannot be traced to any one particular bloodline, but only seem to appear in those who are indeterminately mixed.

Physically, such changes include plant-based Changes such as dryads and fish-based such as mermaids. And there is a wide range of innates that have no apparent connection to any of the primary bloodlines, such as teleportation and poisons.

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