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Fanfic about Lily! 
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Post Fanfic about Lily!
Well, I wrote this scene, I may or may not write more about Lily at Annapolis, but I figured I'd post what I have :D


It was the first day of classes, and hell yes, Lily was ready. After Addergoole? She was ready for anything.

And then she walked into her first class, and realized she wasn't ready for that.

She gulped, put a smile on her face, and walked up to the instructor. "Lieutenant Julian Valdez?"

"It's Major now, actually," he said without looking up. "Just take your seat, class will start in a few moments."

"I was actually hoping to speak with you, sir." It still felt good to call someone "sir" who wasn't Ardell, even if it wasn't Doug either.

He looked up and frowned. "How do you know my first name, anyway? Do I know you?"

Lily shook her head and resisted the urge to run a hand over her crew-cut. "No, we've never met. But you knew my mother."

"I... what?"

She could see the mental gears turning, and couldn't help but be amused by it. "Her name is Erica Mayville. She was in college when you dated."

He nodded sharply. "Of course I remember her. Are you... that is, I'm not..."

Lily grinned. "No, sir, you're not my father. I recognized you because I used to think you were. She wouldn't tell me who he was when I was young, and I found a picture of you in uniform, and, well... I've always wanted to be a Marine." It was a lie, of course, but a close one, and comfortable. She didn't think Major Valdez would react well to learning that Lily's mother had always told her he was her father and that he was dead.

"Well, that's, um, great. Glad to see you never lost sight of that goal."

"Not once, sir." There were people filing into the classroom, giving them curious glances, but no one stopped.

"Is your mother well? She raised you all by herself?"

"My grandparents helped. And yes, she's doing well, even if she doesn't entirely approve of where I am. But she's still in Baltimore, so we'll be able to see each other frequently."

"That's wonderful. Your name is?"

"Liliha Mayville. Lily."

He didn't show any surprise at the strange name, only nodded. "Glad to have met you, Lily. Maybe I'll look your mom up sometime. Now have a seat, so we can start class."

Lily nodded once and made for the only empty seat. Maybe she had been ready after all.

Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:27 am
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Post Re: Fanfic about Lily!

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Post Re: Fanfic about Lily!
It was pouring rain; that meant boredom, and boredom meant everyone was sitting around smoking cigarettes. Lily wasn't entirely sure when she'd crossed the line from inhaling everyone else's smoke to buying her own packs, but it seemed to be the thing everyone did. Anyway, it wasn't going to hurt her lungs.

Unfortunately, she seemed to be out now, and she wasn't going to go out in this weather to get more. "Hey," she said to the nearest guy, Fred Johnson. "Can I bum one?"

"Sure." He handed over the pack and took a drag on his own cigarette. "Kinda tastes funny, though."

She froze in the process of taking a cigarette out of the pack and slowly slid it back in. "On second thought, I can live without it. Thanks though."

Fred shrugged. "A funny taste isn't gonna hurt you. Not any more than cigarettes hurt you normally."

She gave a half-grin. "I prefer living with paranoia over dying of overconfidence. You never know." In fact, she's just realized how easy it would be for someone to slip a rowan or hawthorn leaf into a cigarette. It wouldn't hurt anyone else, and she wouldn't notice it until it was too late. She had no idea who might have a motive to poison her, but... she hadn't been lying about the paranoia.

The next day, after the rain had stopped, she went to the smoke shop and inquired about loose tobacco and rolling papers. The owner was delighted to show her how to roll her own cigarettes, though apparently disappointed that she completely ignored his passes. She left with the pleasure of much tastier cigarettes and confidence that if someone stuck the wrong kind of leaf in with these, she'd be able to tell.

Fri Dec 17, 2010 8:58 pm
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