Love, lust, ownership, exploration, and coming-of-age in a strange and novel world hidden beneath the known.

About Addergoole:

Addergoole contains mature themes and is intended for mature, adult readers. Some content is not suitable for younger audiences or the particularly squeamish. Sexual overtones are pervasive, and although it is fundamentally a light-hearted tale, there are moments of graphic violence and torture. The sexual content can be explicit and sometimes contains rape or incest.

Book One follows three students as they fall down the hole into another world, slipping beneath the surface of the normal world. Fall Down the Adder's Hole with them as they enter a strange, new school and discover just how much they don't know about themselves, their parents, or their world.

Book Two picks up the story as our protagonists grow accustomed to their alien surroundings, finding peace in the incomprehensible and comfort in the mysterious and unknown. Even as they settle in, events in the world above conspire to deny them even this solace. Piece after piece falls into place, casting long shadows on their future in the subterranean halls.

Book Three follows our protagonists as they discover their birthrights, learning some of what they're capable of... and beholden to.

In Book Four, the students are coming to terms with the realities of their situation, establishing a new "normalcy" for themselves. Friends and foes are discovered, if only they could sort out which were which; and a greater foe casts a long shadow over all.

Book Five. For the students of Addergoole, love is in the air... and open warfare is in the halls. The fallout may leave all of them changed forever.

In Book Six, our protagonists find help in unexpected places, and boy do they need it. They're not the only ones, and plans are laid to affect greater change.

Book Seven sees new opportunities and new alliances for our protagonists, even as the old are threatened. Will these prove fruitful, or are they as deceptive as everything else in the subterranean school?

Book Eight: It's only a game, right? Life, love, and learning are all practiced that way in Addergoole; and the students don't play fair at any of them.

Addergoole, where the most dangerous mistake is complacency.


What a beta reader has said about Addergoole:

Most young adult fiction is for young adults; filled with vampire boys who are pretty, and kind, and love you as you are, pure, and perfect.
About Wizards whose first love is magic for its own sake, who are young, yet masters of their passions; witches who feel only happiness, and use their magic for good, who think of you as a brother.

Does anyone recognize these players from their play?
Does anyone remember actually being a young adult?
Does anyone remember the first time they knew their body was not in control? How about your feelings, your passions?

This is not young adult fiction for the young; this is young adult fiction for those who remember what it felt like to really be a young adult.

So take their beauty, their power, their desire, and their passion. Only place them not in a safe world, where there is a clear view of right and wrong, where wizards are taught in high castles, and young girls can trust the predator at their side to leave them chaste. Take them and place them in our world,
Where people don't get along.
Where it's a friend who despises you most,
Where things fall apart,
and a teenaged boy learns to hate because a girl winked at his friend first.

Now give them magic,
And power,
and make them awkward in it, like a girl who drops her books,
Or the clumsy boy in his growing body.
And fill their lives with privilege,
And their hearts with love,
And revenge.

And let them fight for control over the children who would be Gods.

Copyright © 2009-2010 Lyn Thorne-Alder & Elasmo. All rights reserved.
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