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The magic of Addergoole and the world of the Faerie Apocalypse is performed by combinations of Words in Domains and Manifestations.

Most people have 2-3 each of Domains and Manifestations that they excel at, and 1-2 of each that they can never do, no matter how practiced.

The words are listed here with their first-year teachers.

Domains (nouns)

Eperu (Earth) – Pelletier
Kaana (Air) – Valerian
Yaku (Water) – Mendosa
Unutu (Worked Things) – Akatil
Huamu (Flesh of Plants) – Valerian
Panida (Flesh of Animals) – Fridmar
Tlacatl (Flesh of Makers) – Caitrin
Intinn (Mind) – Regine
Hugr (Emotion) – Vanderlinden
Kwxe (Conventional Energy) – Luke
Hiko (Electromagnetic Energy) – Doug

Manifestations (verbs)

Meentik (Create) – Luke
Abatu (Destroy) – Doug
Jasfe (Repair) – Caitrin
Qorawiyay (Shape) – Mendosa
Aistrigh (Transmute) – Vanderlinden
Tempero (Control) – Pelletier
Quipia (Preserve) – Akatil
Idu (Know) – Regine
Aposyntheto (Dismantle) – Solomon
Buli (Ignore) – Akinobu
Tuapeka (Disguise) – Ginger

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