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Faerie Apocalypse Timeline

May – August 2011

(Timeline note: the main storyline of Addergoole takes place in 1999).

There are gates between this universe and Ellehem; it was through these gates that pre-humans first wandered in the dawn of time, and back through them that the gods emerged in the early days of Greek civilization.

More than two millennia ago, those gates were sealed. The gods took with them most of their more difficult offspring, locking themselves in Ellehem to protect humanity from the rampages of their wayward demigod children, leaving behind only a fraction of their brood, those loyal to the Law of the Gods (called the Shenera Endraae, the Children of the Law), to watch those they couldn’t trap. The others who stayed, those who felt being a God gave them a right to do as they wished, and that the Law that stated that humanity Belonged to the Ellehemaei gave them permission to treat humanity as beasts, called themselves Shenera Oseraei, the children of the First.

For two thousand and more years, the gates remained sealed. In June of 2011, they start opening again.

The creatures on the other side are, in many cases, the descendants of those who were exiled before Christ was born; Ellehemaei are long-lived but even the original “gods” are not immortal. They are, however, rather powerful, their blood not diluted as much as the earth-bound Ellehemaei by interbreeding with humans, and those that come through have no love for humanity.

What they do have, however, is two thousand-plus years of mythic tradition about worshippers, about being gods. Tribute. Awe. Honor. Devotion. Those that come through at first are, often, the younger Ellehemaei, only a couple centuries old, on the bottom of the totem pole back in Ellehem. The idea of being worshipped, of being the biggest dog on the block, is delicious to them.

On its own, Ellehemaei culture is rather static; in two thousand years, the fae in Ellehem have changed very little. They are in no way expecting the leaps and bounds humanity has taken in that time; they’re not expecting the Shenera Endraae who stayed, either, or their legions of half-blooded children. But that part comes later.

They come out of the gates to a world nothing like anything they have ever seen, to people less gullible, more cynical, and more demanding than anything their stories told of. They come out to cars, and planes, and smart phones, and computers.

They also come out to people who believe in alien abduction, conspiracies, and fictional universes full of angst-ridden teenage vampires, and to a world culture with thousands of deities, to people with an a la carte attitude about religion. It takes a little while, but the newcomers pick up on the local beliefs, and make identities for themselves as gods.

The gates have opened in places all over the world, including the fertile ground of America. The fae come out, originally, in places near where their ancestors left. As the months pass, and more cross through, they spread further and further out, and begin to reach the attention of the media.

One man claiming to be Hermes in the middle of Rome is not all that noticeable. However, when Aphrodite starts performing miracles in Las Vegas, the evening news takes note. It helps that it’s a slow news week; the other major story is a tap-dancing turtle.

By late August, every major city in the world sports at least one god, and the Shenera Endraae are beginning to get unhappy.

For more information on the Faerie Apocalypse see the Twitter and Tumblr where it was live-blogged.

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