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  1. Interlude: Ty!


    August 18, 2015 by Lyn

    Next time you point a finger,
    I’ll point you to the mirror.
    This is the last second chance!


    Shiva and Niki approached Ty’s position on the couch as if they’d choreographed their moves, which, knowing Shiva, they very well might have; Shiva took his right and Niki his left, bracketing him.… Read on

  2. Chapter 27: Jamian


    August 17, 2015 by Lyn

    Part of me is fighting this, but part of me is gone.

    Jamian took in Nikita’s words without really understanding them at first. “It hits you hard, the first couple times she pulls the leash,” the boy had said, and Jamian wasted a moment wondering why Niki was telling him about Shiva, and another moment wondering how fucked up the kid was, anyway, to find it comforting to – and then he wasted a third long moment trying to figure out exactly what they were talking about.… Read on

  3. Chapter 24: Jamian


    August 14, 2015 by Lyn

    They ran wild through the halls, whooping and laughing, spraying errant students with their water guns, sometimes lassoing them with Phelen’s long strings of light. Most people ran, shrieking in that carnival-haunted-house half-terror that’s as much glee as fear; those that didn’t, they sprayed harder, or pulled out the blue water pistols, and drenched them with thick purple Kool-Aid.… Read on

  4. Chapter 21: Jamian


    August 13, 2015 by Lyn

    I’m on the hunt, I’m after you…

    The hallway outside Jamian’s door Saturday morning was dark and empty. He had grown so used to meeting Ty halfway between their rooms, however, that he didn’t pause before heading out towards their meeting place.… Read on

  5. Chapter 15.5 – Jamian


    August 13, 2015 by Lyn

    Feeling good was good enough for me…

    “Shit,” Shiva swore, as Ty vanished into the crowd and the throbbing lights. She shot a frown at Nick; he just shrugged defiantly. Her frown deepening, she pushed off of the wall, away from Nick – and from Trenchcoat, who took the opportunity to glare at Nick behind Shiva’s back.… Read on

  6. Chapter 15 – Jamian


    August 13, 2015 by Lyn

    Inside my present, so… so much past

    He’d borrowed, at Ty’s insistence, one of Ty’s suits, an outfit that fit him nearly perfectly, far more sleekly than anything he owned, and probably twice as expensive as his entire wardrobe. But, with the jacket buttoned over a shirt that somehow matched without matching the dress Ty was wearing, Jamian somehow felt more secure, more put-together, more… manly, even with Ty finger-combing his hair to lie properly around the new horns.… Read on

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