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  1. April Bonus Story – Chrysalis


    August 16, 2016 by Lyn

    This story takes place in the future.

      Kailani woke late, the sunshine streaming in the windows and warming her face. She stretched, feeling warm and refreshed, as if after a perfect night of sleep. Everything was right, everything was going well, and she had a big day ahead of her.
    Read on

  2. Description: Shahin


    August 11, 2016 by Lyn

    The fourth in the series of descriptions paints a picture of one of protaganists, Shahin. Feel free to weigh in on the forums, if there’s someone in particular you’d like to see described.

    Shahin (shuh-HEEN) sh’Chloe
    Fifth Cohort

    Cold as ice, hard as diamonds.… Read on

  3. Question: After a Fashion


    August 9, 2016 by Lyn

    Inventrix asks Shahin: What are your three favourite outfits?

    Shahin answers: Only three? It’s harder to narrow down than you’d think; I enjoy making outfits that work perfectly together and give off just the right impression. I don’t keep clothes around that I don’t like.… Read on

  4. Question: Spoils of War


    August 9, 2016 by Lyn

    To Sheen: What do you plan on doing with Emrys when he Belongs to you?

    Shahin answers on the Tuesday of the week Emrys Owns her:

    Send him away for a day so I can breathe. Curl up in a big fuzzy robe, lock myself in my bedroom, and not talk to anyone for three hours.… Read on

  5. Question: Morbid Fantasy


    August 8, 2016 by Lyn

    This story written in response to AMHarte’s question to Shahin:
    When did you realize you had the power to see people’s deaths?

    That’s not as easy to answer as it sounds. When did I realize I was seeing people’s deaths? I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing at first.… Read on

  6. Cleaning Up


    August 7, 2016 by Lyn

    It had taken all of their family’s charm together and not a little bit of emotion-working, but they had gotten the crazed Eris asleep and tucked into a wagon, and cleared the battlefield of any incriminating evidence, before the witch-hunters showed.… Read on

  7. With Friends Like These…


    August 7, 2016 by Lyn

    The pretty hermaphrodite, looking far too pretty and far too fae for the grubby soon-to-be-battlefield where they were standing, and far too poised for being wrapped in poison manacles and chains, shook its head woefully up at Shahin. “Regine is not the enemy, you know,” it tsk’d.… Read on

  8. Like Toy Soldiers…


    August 7, 2016 by Lyn

    “You are the vainest warrior I have ever known,” Willow complained cheerfully.

    “Thank you,” Shahin smiled. “Pass me that vambrace, would you?” Grinning, the girl complied.

    “At this rate, you’ll still be getting dressed when the monsters show up.” Her gibe had no heat in it; by this point, despite being nominally of different generations, the two were old friends.… Read on

  9. A Quiet Place


    August 3, 2016 by Lyn

    Year Five of the Addergoole School, at the time of Book Eight and Nine

    If it seemed as if cy’Pelletier had quite a few more meetings than any other cy’ree, nobody was really surprised. Professor Pelletier could lean on her authority as Mentor to her Students to call them to her, giving the ones that needed it a quiet place.… Read on

  10. Dreams of Nothing and Everything: Part 1


    August 3, 2016 by Lyn

    This story takes place on Monday night, the first week of the 5th Year of the Addergoole School (after Chapter 4) 
    Shahin slept; wrapped in the new-smelling blankets in this strange, airless place, she dreamed.

    She dreamt of Aelgifu, dreaming:
    She dreamt of a dance, her in a dress Jerri and Eve had picked out, a cornflower-blue sundress that looked pretty but left her feeling exposed.… Read on

  11. Barbie Doll


    August 3, 2016 by Lyn

    This story takes place on Tuesday night of the third week of the Fifth Year of Addergoole after chapter 40 but before 43).

    This story is R-Rated. 

    “Put these on.”

    Emrys, Shahin thought snidely, in the tiny part of her brain that she reserved for such things, liked to play dress-up.… Read on

  12. Minding


    August 2, 2016 by Lyn

    Week Three of Year Five of the Addergoole School

    Until Year Five, Reid Solomon had been fairly careful about the privacy of his students’ minds. He could, and would, scan lightly, like running his fingers over the spines of books, to see who was paying attention, who was daydreaming, who just wasn’t getting the subject material, but until now, he’d never gone deeper without cause, not in the middle of class, at the very least.… Read on

  13. Valentine’s Day Special: Three Short Vignettes


    August 1, 2016 by Lyn

    Valentine’s Day, Year 4 of the Addergoole School

    Vladimir & Alisha

    He’d thought the flowers would be the hard part, but it turned out that the shop that could order anything for the students really could order anything, and had managed to come up with yellow and white roses and daffodils when daffodils wouldn’t be in season for another month.… Read on

  14. Lessons they don’t teach in school


    July 27, 2016 by Lyn

    October, 1989

    Aunt Anna picked her up from school. She was sitting, calmly, or at least quietly, in the principal’s office, an icepack held to her eye, two seats from the sniffling, whimpering, horrible bully Matt Littles.

    Aunt Anna sat down in a flurry of peasant skirts, ignoring the disapproving glare of the secretary.… Read on

  15. Epilogue: Shahin


    July 21, 2016 by Lyn

    First Week of July, 2000

    “It’s not exile, Shahin.” Yngvi and Ayla sandwiched her, hugging her tightly from both sides. “It’s a month, that’s all.” Yngvi, always rational, patted her shoulder.

    “The doctors both said it would be good for you to see your family for a little while.… Read on

  16. Chapter 188b: Kailani  


    July 20, 2016 by Lyn

    The world kept insisting on being full of pain and blood.

    She could really do with some nice clouds, a little breeze, maybe some rain, but the world kept arguing back with more pain and more blood. She was drenched in sweat, and none of it made any sense at all.… Read on

  17. Chapter 187: Shahin


    July 20, 2016 by Lyn

    “How do you think she’s doing?” Shahin leaned into Emrys’ arms, swaying slowly with the music. So different than their first dance… but, for the moment, neither of them had anything to prove.

    “She’s probably doing rather well.” Xaviera had left the dance early with a drunk and handsy Ofir, a determined smile on her face.… Read on

  18. Chapter 184: Shahin


    July 20, 2016 by Lyn

    Friday Afternoon, Second Friday in April, 2000

    Shahin needed some time alone with Emrys. She needed to talk about Xaviera, about what they were doing to do. Her visions, the girl’s behavior… they weren’t helping her. They weren’t teaching her independence.… Read on

  19. Chapter 181: Shahin


    July 20, 2016 by Lyn

    She leads a lonely life

    When she woke up late in the morning light
    And the day had just begun
    She opened up her eyes and thought
    Oh what a morning

    First Saturday in April 2, 2000

    Shahin dreamed.

    The boy had his father’s eyes.Read on

  20. Chapter 179: Kailani


    July 20, 2016 by Lyn

    If you open your mind for me
    You won’t rely on open eyes to see

    The walls you built within
    Come tumbling down
    And a new world will begin

    The first Wednesday of April

    “… and he seems to think it’s completely normal to be part of a breeding project,” Jaya concluded with a sigh.… Read on

  21. Chapter 178: Shahin


    July 20, 2016 by Lyn

    You could say I’m a little bit crazy
    You could call me insane
    Walkin’ ’round with all these whispers
    Runnin’ ’round here in my brain
    I just can’t help but hear ’em
    Man, I can’t avoid it

    The first Sunday in April

    Shahin lay in bed, once again between her husband and their Kept, idly stroking the scales on the back of Xaviera’s neck while the girl slept.… Read on

  22. Chapter 175: Shahin


    July 19, 2016 by Lyn

    Life is the key,
    what you want it to be
    Release your mind
    Release your mind
    Open yourself to the universal truth
    Free your mind
    Free your mind

    Second to last week in March, 2000

    “How do you think Tolly is managing?”… Read on

  23. Chapter 173: Kailani


    July 17, 2016 by Lyn

    Kai smiled at her friend and her groom, at Yngvi’s elaborate bow, at the words of the poem that he’d chosen. She smiled until her face hurt, Xaviera’s words still stinging, a little. Not the time to be jealous.She wasn’t?… Read on

  24. Chapter 172: Shahin


    July 17, 2016 by Lyn

    You know our love was meant to be
    The kind of love that lasts forever
    And I need you here with me
    From tonight until the end of time

    “Are you nervous?” Kai asked, for what had to be the seventeenth time.… Read on

  25. Chapter 170: Kailani


    July 15, 2016 by Lyn

    There was no use trying not to be nervous. The last time she’d gone up against Agatha, she’d gotten herself raped and her crew beaten up. She hadn’t brought her crew along this time, had only brought Conrad along because he’d insisted.… Read on

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