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  1. Question: Happy Birthday?


    August 10, 2016 by Lyn

    How old are the Addergoole staff?

    Regine answers:

    The staff range in age from five hundred and nine years to thirty-seven years old: Michael VanderLinden and Ginger Cayenne, bracketing a much smaller range between them.

    Next oldest in age are Shira Pelletier and Sakamoto Shou, at three hundred ninety and three hundred ninety-three years old; next youngest in age are D.J.… Read on

  2. Question: Object Lessons


    August 10, 2016 by Lyn

    Are all magic classes taught outside, or simply in an area that passes for outside? I am curious as to what safety measures are in place.

    Doug, assistant PE teacher/porter/guard, answers:

    Well, I teach my classes in the back room of the gym.… Read on

  3. Oversight


    August 4, 2016 by Lyn

    Year Five of the Addergoole School, at the time of Book Eight

    “Mind your left, Girl Scout!” Acacia was snapping out orders as Luke walked into Doug’s training hall. Against the back wall, Allyse shouted catcalls and math problems, trying, it seemed, to distract Kailani, who was shifting and twisting in an elaborate dance to avoid Sima’s weapons.… Read on

  4. Memorial Day Bonus Story: Stranger, tell…


    August 1, 2016 by Lyn

    Memorial Day (last Monday of May), Year Four

    Ὦ ξεῖν’, ἀγγέλλειν Λακεδαιμονίοις ὅτι τῇδε
    κείμεθα, τοῖς κείνων ῥήμασι πειθόμενοι

    There was no need to tell anyone where they were going; Regine and Mike could read a calendar as well as they could.… Read on

  5. Descent


    July 27, 2016 by Lyn

    Year Two of the Addergoole School, Day One


    “This fucking sucks.” The lean blonde girl flopped down on her suitcases, her ponytail bobbing in punctuation.

    “It blows.” The second girl, dark where the first was fair but every bit as lean and muscular, echoed the motion, sitting on her own suitcase.… Read on

  6. Faith Alone


    July 27, 2016 by Lyn

    On the first week of the first year of the Addergoole School

    “It’s going to be strange here,” Donegal’s father warned him, with the pinch-faced frown that he got when talking about the boarding school.

    “Dad, it’s a school,” Donegal replied, more than a bit exasperated.… Read on

  7. Another One


    July 26, 2016 by Lyn

    Sometime between 1979 and 1999

    “Pour me another one.” Aelfgar slammed his beer mug down on the table.

    “Fucking Vikings,” Luke laughed, even as he flagged down the waitress. They’d ridden an hour from Addergoole just to find a bar that didn’t know them.… Read on

  8. Chapter 137b: Kailani


    June 26, 2016 by Lyn

    This is our iron council
    The last antagonist
    Standing strong against the new world

    “Why exactly have you been following us?” Kailani glared at the unassuming-looking woman, who smiled back, seeming unperturbed.

    “That is, of course, assuming that I have been.… Read on

  9. Chapter 137: Kailani


    June 23, 2016 by Lyn

    There’s no light at the end of the tunnel
    Can’t you know I’m looking for trouble
    Obviously, it’s been looking for me

    “Are they supposed to be… all up in my face like that?” Kai frowned uncertainly at the way the bodice squeezed in and up her chest.… Read on

  10. Chapter 131: Kailani


    June 15, 2016 by Lyn

    Every move you make
    Every vow you break
    Every smile you fake
    Every claim you stake
    I’ll be watching you

    They were all still reeling from the mess at the Capitol the day before. Even Shahin had folded in on herself, Carter and Channing were cautious and embarrassed seeming, only Taro seeming pretty much himself.… Read on

  11. Chapter 98: Kailani


    May 25, 2016 by Lyn

    You ain’t never had a friend like me
    Can your friends do this? Can your friends do that?
    Can your friends pull this out their little hat?
    Can your friends go, poof?

    “…and then after I get back from training, we’ll go get you another collar.… Read on

  12. Exterlude: Aelfgar


    May 19, 2016 by Lyn

    “Damn.” Aelfgar drained his glass and passed it back to Doug for a refill. The kid kept good whisky in stock, and he wasn’t stingy with it, either. “I fucked that one up pretty badly. And the damn thing got away from us.”… Read on

  13. Chapter 78: Jamian


    February 26, 2016 by Lyn

    So be it
    Threaten no more
    To secure peace is
    To prepare for war

    Jamian woke early; someone was pounding on Ty’s door. He shook Ty awake gently and padded over to the doorway, remembering to pull a robe on at the last minute.… Read on

  14. Chapter 69: Jamian


    September 13, 2015 by Lyn

    We are the energy
    We are the same as you
    Take everything you need

    He wasn’t sure why he was nervous. The big blonde Viking, Mark, wasn’t a bad guy, from all accounts; even if the first time Jamian had seen him, he’d been beating someone up, it had been in defense of a girl.… Read on

  15. Chapter 65: Kailani


    September 12, 2015 by Lyn

    Do you know what’s worth fighting for?
    When it’s not worth dying for?

    “Are you feeling all right, Kai?” Mabina asked, as breakfast Tuesday was winding to a close. “You’ve barely said anything.”

    “Mm?” She looked up from her comfortable pillow of Conrad’s shoulder.… Read on

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