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  1. Interlude: Manira


    May 26, 2016 by Lyn

    No more succubus powers.

    Manira wasn’t in her room Saturday night. She’d tried to avoid the orders Ambrus had given her (while at the same time trying to ignore how much it galled, that a Kept she’d hoped to Own was givingher orders), but they locked her in as tightly as if she herself had been Kept, locked her as tightly as the oaths she’d sworn to the original Manira.… Read on

  2. Chapter 102: Jamian


    May 26, 2016 by Lyn

    Mother knows best
    Listen to your mother
    It’s a scary world out there

    Things had been tense around Ty since the cy’ree meeting, and Jamian didn’t know how to fix things. He’d tried everything he could come up with – short of breaking down and crying, or switching into girl form and letting Ty do what he so clearly wanted to – to make things better, but he’d only managed to get them so far as not-horrible.… Read on

  3. Chapter 101: Kailani


    May 26, 2016 by Lyn

    And your wise friends might say
    This is how we survive
    But I know in my own mind
    Can’t you see it’s a clever disguise?
    This friendly advice

    She hadn’t managed to get Conrad a new collar on Thursday after all; she’d spent the evening being fussed over, aching and sore and painfully pensive.… Read on

  4. Chapter 100: Shahin


    May 25, 2016 by Lyn

    What binds a fabric together
    When the raging shifting winds of change keep ripping away?
    Draw a line in the sand and then make a stand

    She wouldn’t admit to nerves, but she found Emrys’ hand even more comforting than normal as they walked to the gym.… Read on

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