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No Apple for Teacher


August 26, 2016 by Lyn

This story is written for Clare K. R. Miller‘s request, thanks to the “Addergoole Wants You” comments-for-fics promotion.  It follows Useful, itself one of the stories in the Addergoole-50-years-later stories following Retirement and Retirement 2.

Rozen was not sure about teaching.  

He was sure about parts of teaching: he was sure he had to do it.  It had been a series of orders, after all, and Kai was surprisingly complete with her orders.  He liked large parts of it.  The students were, for the most part, teenaged girls interested in learning what he had to teach, and after fifty years of fighting, Rozen was pretty good at teaching self-defense.

There were a couple students that drove him up the wall:  one red-head, probably the same age as Kai had been when she first went to Addergoole, who stubbornly refused to have any spark at all, any trace of Kailani’s — Dean Storm’s — passion. One girl who was passionate as hell, her smile luscious and her intentions towards Rozen absolutely clear.  He’d had to plead fictional orders to get her to back off, because, while he might not have any fidelity orders, he was not sure what Kai would do if he slept with one of her students.

(He didn’t know her limits, and that drove him absolutely nuts, but that had nothing to do with teaching).

There was one student that set Rozen’s teeth on edge, one that made him throw himself into teaching the rest of them. He was on the edge of asking Kai what were you thinking, having him here? but, if he was being honest with himself, he was afraid what her answer would be.

This kid had red eyes and black skin in his Change, but what really got Rozen was his sneer.

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  1. Rix Scaedu says:


    • Lyn Admin says:

      Fifty years, so probably a great-grandson, I think.
      *looks at numbers*
      1997 child
      2014 grandson
      2029 great-grandchild
      2047 Great-great-grandchild

  2. ::snort:: It doesn’t surprise ME how complete Kai is with her orders!

    Eeee <3 and now I want more, darn you!

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  4. […] ficlet comes after: No Apple for Teacher, which followed Useful. Both of those fics are after Retirement and Retirement 2: 50 years after […]

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