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Interlude: Pelletier


July 13, 2016 by Lyn

And in our blindness, do we move onward
And cling to the lies that we have harbored?
We could not admit we were mistaken
But if we don’t do it now, dear God
Could you please come down here and tell me when?

This visitor of Regine’s had gone from a small irritation to a major annoyance in record time. Shira had resorted to hiding in her office, missing the staff meeting, to avoid the woman. She was asking questions, yes, but they were neither the useful questions nor were they likely to have useful results. It was thus with some trepidation that she rose to answer her door, hearing Morgan’s penetrating voice on the other side.

“Professor Pelletier?”

“Do please come in, Observes-the-Sprawl.” She voiced the pleasantries as she opened her door and stepped aside, gesturing the woman in.

“Thank you. I’ll only need a few moments of your time; we noted your absence from the meeting. Hopefully you aren’t unwell.” The perfunctory statement barely registered as inquiry enough to be courteous; it also wasn’t lost on Shira how the woman used the word “we”, as if implying that she had a legitimate place at such a meeting.

“The students needed me,” she answered blandly. “What can I do for you?”

“Actually, that relates to why I’m here. I’ve been told that you possess an exceptional rapport with the students, and I’d like you to help me.”

She looked dubiously at the intruder. “To help you?” she repeated.

Morgan crossed her arms, surveying the room casually. “Yes. You see, I’ve spoken with a number of students that have been recommended to me by members of the staff. Sarita, a lovely girl, charming, demure; a model citizen. Adrian, one of the older students, a reserved and respectful young man. Eriko. Melchior. I’ve noticed a distinct pattern, which I’m sure you do as well.”

Never broken. Some never-Kept. Shira nodded slowly. “They are all model students,” she answered carefully.

“I’m sure they are,” Morgan replied with a wolflike smile. “Particularly since none of them are from the newest class, the Fifth Cohort. And none of them were wearing a collar.”

“Well, the newest students are the most easily disrupted,” she hedged uncertainly. What would happen, if Morgan talked to, say, Callista? Nothing good, she was sure. There was nothing that could be done for Callie now without dismantling the whole school, and she’d Seen what could happen, if that was allowed to happen.

Which meant, of course, that Morgan must not be allowed to find anything out that would lead to her trying to dismantle Addergoole.

“Quite.” Morgan clearly wasn’t buying it. “I’d like you to select a student for me to interview. One of the Fifth Cohort, and one who is in one of these… practice Belongings.”

“A ‘Kept’ Fifth?” Shira pondered. Not Kendra, clearly, or Bowen. Probably not Nydia, certainly not Shera or Aneislis – and she should have a talk with Ginger about those two, too. Kailani wasn’t Kept, Shahin wasn’t what Morgan had in mind, and would only lead to other questions none of them really wanted to answer. Caity would be perfect, if Richard had ever collared her. Or Azumi.

Aponi was kept by Rowan, and she wasn’t quite sure what the situation was there; best to leave it alone. Finnegan was out of the question. Kylie and Renata seemed to be doing well, but they spent a lot of time with Eris, and after last year…

Who did that leave?

“Well,” she answered slowly, “there’s always Jamian.” The young Daeva seemed to be in a fairly stable relationship with its Keeper, after all, and Ty, while flighty, had never struck Pelletier as a bad sort.

“Jamian.” Morgan nodded, tapping her index finger against her lip. “Yes, the pureblood. An excellent suggestion.”

Shira bristled. “Whatever your reasons for visiting, we don’t need to hear words like that around here,” she snapped.

Morgan arched a brow, assessing her over pursed lips. “Sensitive, are we?”

“I’d challenge you to grow up as a ‘half-breed’ in a ‘pureblood’ society, and tell me how touchy you were about it. Our kids do not need that bullshit.”

“My, my. And here I’d been told that you were one of the level-headed ones.”

She’d heard that line of attack before, and long since been immunized against it. She smiled sharply at the Grigori intruder. “I am. I can get Jamian for you after his Biology class, if that works?”

“That won’t be required; I’m sure I can find the time to pick it up myself. I wouldn’t want you to have to associate with someone who’s so clearly wronged you, by dint of birth, any longer than necessary.”

Shira refused to allow herself to get angry again. “Jamian has never wronged me,” she answered calmly. “I doubt he’s ever wronged anyone in his whole life.”


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