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Chapter 159: Jamian


July 8, 2016 by Lyn

I’ll politely decline
These words taste like poison
I made mistakes but I’m taking them back now

As fun as his time with Ivette had been – mind-blowing, earth-shattering, blissed-out fun – Jamian was enjoying spending Christmas afternoon cuddled against Ty, thinking about his conversation with Mark and basking in the warm presence and surprising approval of his Keeper.

After the morning’s frenzy of unwrapping – the debris of which was still evident, and likely would be for days, in the colorful bits scattered about the room like confetti – their suitemates had each, in time, retreated to their rooms, or gone out to celebrate with friends. They were finally alone. Maybe now, he could ask Ty about what Mark had said.

“So, um,” he began.

“Yeah?” Ty asked, smiling warmly. “What’s on your mind?”

Succubi and overprotective football players… “Mark pulled me out in the hall to tell me to be nice to his sister,” he started, trying not to sound as frustrated as he was about it. Be nice to your Keeper or I’ll beat you up.

“His…” Ty was startled at first, but Jamian could see the wheels turning immediately, clicking into place. “Riiight… yeah, I guess that’s technically correct…”

“Technically?” he asked. I’m getting threatened on a technicality?

“Uh. This is going to sound weird, even for Addergoole,” Ty warned him. “And I only just found out about it myself, so it’s still kind of weird for me too. But his mother is my father.”

“His mother is… your father is a Daeva? Or a hermaphrodite?” he added quickly.

“A Daeva,” Ty agreed, shifting uncomfortably. There was something more there, something he wasn’t saying.

“What is it?” Jamian prodded.

“It’s… look, Jame, I didn’t know, DJ just told me, okay?”

“It’s okay, Ty, it’s okay. Who is it?” He hugged Ty to him, patting his Keeper’s back awkwardly.

“My paternal parent is…” The rest of the sentence faded into indecipherable mumbling as Ty buried his face in Jamian’s arm.

“Ty,” he coaxed gently. “I can’t read minds, just emotions.” Speaking of that… He focused on the turmoil he could sense and tried to mellow it a little.

“VanderLinden,” Ty sighed.

“…oh.” Not “Mike,” Jamian noticed. “Hunh. Do you think he knows?”

“I’m sure he does. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t.”

“Man.” He wrapped Ty in a tight hug. “Are you… I dunno, are you okay?”

“Yeah?” He didn’t sound particularly certain. “It’s… it’s complicated, in so many ways.”

“Yeah? I can imagine.” Thinking of Shahin and Emrys, he added, “at least you’re not marrying him?”

Ty laughed out loud at that, pulling away a little. “Marrying… oh, god, Jame, that’s rich. I can’t imagine Mike marrying anybody.”

Jamian smiled ruefully; well, at least he’d gotten a smile out of Ty. “Me, neither,” he admitted. Ty seemed ready to continue the conversation, in slightly better spirits, when a knock on the door interrupted them. Sighing, Jamian pried himself off the couch and opened the door.

He blinked twice before his eyes admitted what they were seeing. He recognized Shera and Aneislis, but he’d never seen quite so much of them before. Shera’s silver skin was crisscrossed with a few thin pink ribbons, arranged to cross her nipples but slender enough that the darker gunmetal of her areolas was clearly visible; the ribbons met in an intricate bow over her crotch, technically covering her but leaving nothing at all to the imagination. Aneislis was similarly clad, with a thicker ribbon providing a larger bow which was also strategically placed. The symbolism, and intent, weren’t the slightest bit subtle. Both of them wore cheerful smiles, but he could feel a tension underlying the exterior façade, particularly in Shera. She tossed her head slightly, lustrous hair cascading around her bare shoulders, and greeted him in a sultry, inviting tone.

“Merry Christmas, to you and your Keeper both.”

Jamian tensed. “Ty…?” he called . “Aneislis and Shera are here…?”

“Yeah? C’mon in guys,” Ty called back, without turning to look.

“Um..” Jamian stepped aside to allow them in. “I, ah…”

“You what?” Ty asked, turning around and then whistling slowly. “Oh hello there.”

“Merry Christmas,” Aneislis echoed Shera. “Don’t you want to unwrap your presents?” He pushed his hips forward invitingly, even as his emotions twisted unpleasantly.

Ty glanced at Jamian. “Presents from who?”

“From Ardell, to both of you,” Shera purred.

Jamian wondered what Uberto thought of that. He also wondered what Ty was going to do. It didn’t seem like a good idea to take what they seemed to be offering, but would his Keeper see it that way?

Ty would never send him out dressed like that as someone’s present, would he? Jamian shut the door and turned back to the ribbon-wrapped pair

“From Ardell.” Ty nodded slowly, watching Jamian. “What do you think, Jame? They are lovely presents.”

Shera struck a pose as Jamian looked back at them, putting herself on display even more than she already was as she stretched, arms over her head. She was gorgeous, the light shining off her metallic skin. He brushed a hand over her arm, wondering if she was cold. She was chilly, not surprising considering her outfit, but she didn’t feel steely or hard.

“I think,” he said slowly, “that you were just saying we needed four people for bridge?” Please?

“Right, let’s get our stuff,” Ty nodded. “If you two wouldn’t mind waiting here just a moment?” He got up, heading for his room. “Want to help me look, Jame?

“Sure.” He had his fingers crossed that this didn’t blow up in his face as he followed Ty into the room. Did he even know how to play bridge? Did he think having naked people show up on his doorstep was normal?

Ty closed the door behind them and sighed. “Right. So I assume you want to send them back.”

“They don’t want to be here, Ty. I don’t really want to start raping people as a Christmas tradition.” He was surprised at how level he could be, even though he was clearly making Ty unhappy.

“Shit, neither do I, Jame. It’s awfully rude to send back a present though. If I’m going to get into it with Ardell, I’d rather it wasn’t when he thinks he’s being nice.”

“Do you really think he thinks he’s being nice to them?”

“To us, not to them,” Ty clarified. “In his mind, he sent us a great present. If we tell him we don’t want it, he’s going to be offended.”

“I understand,” Jamian sighed. “But he’s being pretty shitty to them. I know I wouldn’t like it if you sent me off like that to go be Ardell’s present.”

“You know I wouldn’t do that, but yeah, I know what you mean. There’s also the problem of their orders. If they’re just supposed to let us have our way, that’s one thing. If they were ordered to sleep with us, and we refuse, we’ll be preventing them from following an order. You know what that’s like?”

Did he? He hadn’t tried very often, and Ty didn’t give many orders, but.. Wait here… He nodded slowly. “So we might have to? That’s a pretty lousy present, Ty.”

“Well, that doesn’t mean we have to. It just means we’re torturing them if we don’t. I don’t like this any way around.”

“Well, then, Ardell gave you a shit sandwich for Christmas and called it chocolate,” Jamian said pragmatically. “Do you really want to accept that?

“You have this way of making everything complicated,” Ty complained. “I never used to look at things like this, before you came along. I’m gonna let you make the call on this one. We’ve just about run out of time to stall, though; they’ll be getting antsy. And no, I can’t play bridge.”

“I’m going to take that as a compliment,” Jamian joked weakly. Making Ty uncomfortable was making him squirm. “We have to send them back, Ty. Why don’t we thank them for the lovely fashion show or something, okay?”

“We could let them stay a bit at least. Maybe he won’t ask what happened; and sitting here with us is probably better than what they’d get at home.”

“Cuddling with more people is nice,” he agreed slowly, “since Niki and Shiva are busy.” He laughed shortly. “Maybe Shera can help me with my homework.”

“You’re not seriously going to do homework on Christmas day, are you? Let’s get back out there.”

“Nah, it was…” But Ty wouldn’t get the joke. “Yeah.” And I hope that Ardell wasn’t too much of an asshole to his Kept, or they’re going to be squirming on our laps… He appreciated more now, what Mark had done, making it clear Ivette was there of her own free will.

Ty opened the door and stepped back out, plastering on a smile. “Sorry, I guess we misplaced our cards.”

“We weren’t in much of a mood to play anyway,” Shera answered, with an overdone pout. “To play cards, that is.” Jamian cringed; she sounded like Mea after one too many.

“Maybe a movie?” he offered.

“You like to watch?” She sashayed slowly towards the couch. Her emotional cocktail was getting stronger, giving off a twisted combination of relief and fear. Behind her, Aneislis’ emotions were every bit as mixed.

“I like movies. Come sit with us on the couch?”

Ty snatched up the remote and parked himself in a central location on the couch, which seated three comfortably or, as the cy’Lindens put it, four very comfortably. . Jamian claimed a seat as close to Ty as he could get without being inside him, and let the other two arrange themselves to either side. That ended up with Aneislis cuddled up against Ty’s other side, and Shera’s warm skin pressed uncomfortably – uncomfortably, dammit, keep telling yourself that – close against Jamian.

He draped an arm around her shoulder, trying to impart some of his warmth to the underdressed girl, and focused on the sharp confusion of her emotions to keep himself behaving. The next couple of hours proved more than a bit trying – he practically had to keep a hand on his zipper to keep Shera away from it – but from what he could sense, her orders wouldn’t actually force her on him, and he was not going to allow himself to be tempted.. Eventually the movie ended, and they were ready to see their guests out.

Once the door had closed on Aneislis’ far-too-naked ass, Jamian slumped against the wall. “Thank you,” he murmured to Ty.

“Y’know, three years ago – maybe two or even one – I wouldn’t have thought twice about accepting that present? Merry Christmas, Jame.”

“Merry Christmas, Ty.” So this, he thought, stepping into his lover’s arms, was Christmas in Addergoole.


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