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Chapter 156: Jamian


July 5, 2016 by Lyn

It’s all that I have to give.
I give you my all

In a crew as full of Workers of huamu as Shiva’s crew, it wasn’t surprising to find the suite hung with pine garlands, the spruce tree growing in the corner draped with living decorations of holly, the poinsettias on every flat surface. The presents stacked under the tree seemed almost like an outgrowth of the tree itself, and Shiva and Magnolia, curled on the couch with their tails twisting together, seemed like the perfect Addergoole version of the kitties-at-Christmas card picture. Even Niki, in a spruce-green sweater, seemed to have ditched his bad mood for the day.

Jamian was sprawled in one of the big chairs, taking advantage of the break to read something that wasn’t schoolwork for a change and ignoring whatever Christmas special Ty had put on the TV. He enjoyed the festive camaraderie, but there was a limit to his cheese intake. A knock on the door made him look up, though. Niki was comfortable against Shiva’s side, and he hadn’t seen Manira yet this morning, although the emotions coming from Phelen’s room told Jamian how they were spending Christmas Eve, so Jamian set down his book and answered the door.

Mark and Ivette stood in the doorway. The big man wore his typical tank top and jeans, but Ivette, ever the fashion pioneer, seemed to still be in her bathrobe.

“Heya J,” Mark greeted him warmly. “We’ve got a couple of presents for you and yours. Well, not yours, really the other way around, but you know.”

Blushing, Jamian nodded, and turned to get Ty’s attention. “Hey…”

“Oh, Mark! And ‘Vette. Come on in, you two.” Ty waved cheerfully; he was already on his second cup of something that smelled rather seasonally alcoholic.

“Let’s go back to your room, since we don’t have presents for everyone,” Ivette said to Jamian.

“‘Vette, you’re free of all orders until either you leave this suite or the day ends,” Mark murmured quietly; Jamian only heard due to his close proximity. What were they up to? Jamian frowned, but nodded, and gestured towards Ty’s room.

“Um, Ty…?”

Ty glanced between them as he slowly rose from his comfortable seat, waving a hand. “I’ll catch up, lemme talk to Mark for a minute actually. Y’all can go in there.”

Something was clearly bothering Ty, but it didn’t seem to have to do with Jamian – or with Ivette. He held the door for her and followed her in, wishing he’d picked the room up more recently. She didn’t seem surprised, though; obviously she’d been in Ty’s room before, and she picked her way daintily – barefoot, he noticed now – to the far side of the room without turning around.

He coughed, wondering, too, what she was up to. “Ah…?”

Finally she turned, her back to the wall beside the bed, and slowly pushed the robe back from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. The succubus wore nothing beneath it, but stood there like an icon of feminine perfection.

“Merry Christmas, Jamian,” she breathed. Even her breathing was a sight to behold!

“‘Vette…?” He took a step backwards, towards the door, folding his hands tightly behind his back in case he accidentally tripped and groped her.

“Don’t be shy, Jamian,” she purred, taking a few short steps forward. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her hips as she moved, languid and sensual. “I got Ty’s permission. All this is yours.”

“Ty…” He blinked. “Ty told you that you could… with me?”

“Anything I want,” she agreed. “Anything you want.”

“Oh.” The second part was a bit of a reassurance, at least. “Really? He’s normally pretty, ah, possessive…? And Mark?” Why was he still asking questions? Why was he stalling, when she was posed like a goddess, there for him to take?

“Mark knows why I’m here,” she chuckled, a low, throaty sound that reverberated in her chest. Visibly. Jamian gulped as she continued. “You do want me, don’t you? Or maybe you just want me to take charge?”

“I… I’m Ty’s,” he protested, blushing hotly. He did want her. He didn’t really want her to take charge, although the idea had its merits. Hot merits. But part of him was still arguing against it.

“If you need Ty to help, he’s certainly welcome,” she replied, stepping forward to set a hand on his chest. “But I thought you might like to have your present all to yourself first.”

“Present…” Oh. Duh, Jamian. Christmas present. He touched her bare shoulder gently, reminding himself that he wasn’t a nervous virgin anymore. Or at least not a virgin. Her bat wings flapped slowly, just past his fingertips.

“Don’t be nervous,” she smiled, as if she were reading her emotions. As if. Duh, again, Jamian. She danced back a few steps, sitting on the edge of the bed and biting her lip like a girl younger, and certainly far less experienced. “I can play the timid virgin if you’d like. I can be anything you want.”

What did he want? He looked down at the pretty girl. “Ky…” No. He shook his head. “Lay back, Ivette.”

She giggled, even as she obeyed, raising her arms over her head. “I didn’t mean anyone, but if that’s what you want…” With a few murmured words, her form shimmered, into the slender, girlish – but still lovely and naked – body of Kylie. “Or is that not where you were going?” Another quick spell shifted the perennial redhead’s body again, and Kailani lay before him, beckoning.

“That’s not… Well, it was, but… please, no. I want you.” He could make this entertaining for her, too.

She returned to her natural form, in all its glory, and folded her hands behind her head, grinning. “All right then. Come and get me, big boy.”

When they emerged from the bedroom, several hours later, the suite was much as they had left it. The only notable differences were Adrian, now seated on the couch with Magnolia, and of course Mark still talking with Ty.

Ivette flowed from Jamian’s side to Mark’s, her tail swishing happily. Ty looked up, his frown turning to a smile as he saw Jamian. “Did you two have fun?” he asked indulgently.

Jamian felt a blush rising to his cheeks at the thought of the past hours. “Yeah,” he managed, flinching in anticipation of Ty’s jealousy. “Yeah… Ivette gives good Christmas presents.”

“I aim to please,” the succubus answered, smiling as she looked around the room. “Adrian! On that note, it’s been ages. We never… talk… anymore,” she pouted.

“Hello Ivette,” he nodded, wearing an obvious mask of civility. “How’s our son?”

“I wouldn’t know,” she replied breezily.

“Goodbye, Ivette.” He turned away from her, whispering to Magnolia.

Jamian studied Ivette’s sulk and, more importantly, Adrian’s body language. The two had a child, then – and neither knew about its well-being? At least Ty paid that much attention to his kids – although part of that, of course, was that he lived with Shiva and Nikita.

Ty, in turn, was frowning at the exchange, but held out an arm to Jamian with no signs that he was upset at his Kept. Jamian gratefully stepped into the embrace, wishing he could be half as graceful as Ivette. “Thanks,” he muttered in Mark’s general direction: the guy might not have ordered Ivette to come here, but he’d allowed what had happened.

“Don’t thank me, that was all her,” Mark said. “But come on a sec, we should have a talk, you and I.”

For a moment the words didn’t register; Jamian was busy studying the others and sampling their emotions. No, he realized, Adrian wasn’t out of touch with his boy; he’d simply been needling his former lover for her own lack of maternal instinct. Mark was beginning to move, though, and his emotions were such a grab bag that it was hard to pick out a dominant flavor.

Still puzzling it out, he followed the bigger guy where he led. He wasn’t going to… no, it wasn’t… hunh…

“Just a little man-to-man chat,” Mark said quietly when they were out of casual earshot. “Y’know, Tya’s really into you. How do you actually feel about her, outside of all the nonsense here?”

“Outside of…” Jamian boggled at him. “You mean, apart from the bond?” How would I know? He wondered, that thought swirling around with She’s really into me? Really?

“Yeah, pretty much. Well, you don’t have to tell me, pal, just think about it. And think about this: if you break my sister’s heart, you’ll answer to me, and not even Dr. Caitrin will be able to put you back together again.” The big man smiled cheerfully and clapped him on the shoulder hard enough to make him wince. “Have a merry Christmas.” With that, he walked back to the others, still wearing that broad smile, and put his arm around the girl Jamian had just spent the afternoon with instead of… his sister? Wait, what?


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