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Chapter 150: Jamian


July 5, 2016 by Lyn

Please, have my baby, yeah I’m talkin’ to you
If you want to have my baby then here’s what you do

Parties, Jamian mused, would probably be more entertaining if he weren’t Kept. As it was, he and Niki were once again handling most of the clean-up, while Manira sat by watching and being less than useful. That was, until Phelen came through again and scooped her up, ushering her to his room while she giggled like a schoolgirl. Okay, so she was a schoolgirl, but did she have to rub it in? What’s more, why did she get off without cleaning?

The party had, aside from the cleaning, been a pretty good one. They’d gotten away without inviting Agatha, and Ty had spent most of the party with Jamian, not off necking with their cy’ree. He’d gotten to talk to most of his friends, too, and catch up with the latest gossip. Ioanna was pregnant; Shera and Alex were fighting; Shahin and Emrys were getting married.

They didn’t seem as happy about that as he’d expected, either; their game faces were still slick and perfect, but there was dissatisfaction and unhappiness roiling about under the surface. Not at each other, but something was clearly wrong with them. He’d wanted to ask, but then he’d have to admit that he had been reading them, and even though it was becoming a natural sense for him, it still felt like an invasion of privacy. Instead, he’d resolved to ask Shahin what was up in the locker room Monday, and focused instead on the positive.

Baby talk was prevalent everywhere; it seemed something like a quarter of the school was pregnant, and another quarter were the fathers, and the other half were the best friends of the first half, so the topic just couldn’t be avoided.

Which meant he’d ended up thinking about it all night and now, as he and Niki finally finished cleaning up – “go to bed, ‘kita, I’ll get the last things. Don’t keep Shiva waiting when she’s drunk.” – he was wondering just how sober his Keeper was. It might not be the best time to talk to him about it, when they’d both had some drinks – or then again, maybe it was.

Ty was in their room, lounging on their bed; Jamian tossed the last few cups in the garbage and headed that way before he lost his nerve.

“Hey, lover.” Ty draped a slightly-drunken arm over his shoulders. “C’mere and kiss me.”

A kiss seemed like as good an idea as anything, since he had no idea how to start this conversation. He kissed Ty slowly, tasting the tequila on his lover’s lips. “So…” he started hesitantly, his lips still barely parted from Ty’s.

“So?” Ty breathed, fingertips curling in to brush over Jamian’s cheek.

“Ioanna’s pregnant,” he said. It seemed like a place to start.

“That’ll happen,” Ty smirked, before kissing him again.

It was a nice kiss, and a long one. Jamian savored it, partially stalling, partially enjoying the rush of Ty’s touch. “To us, too,” he said eventually.

“Well, yeah; I’ve had my share already, remember. It’s not as bad as people make it out to be.”

“You were the father for two-thirds of them,” she pointed out. Ty’s neck was warm and smelled faintly of Ivette’s perfume, but it wasn’t a bad scent. “And… for mine?”

Ty nodded, which mostly involved rubbing his face against. “Like you said, it’ll happen to us too. So, yeah. Are you worried about it?”

“Not anymore.” She was surprised to realize it was true as she said it. Kai was pregnant. Shahin was pregnant. “It’s more… I’m ready.”

“Ohhhh… oh. Well. Maybe we should work on that then,” Ty whispered, tilting his head to nibble at her ear. It made it hard to think, but in a nice enough way that she tilted her head and gave in for a little while. Ty’s chest was nice under her hand; when had he taken his shirt off? And his hands were nice on her breasts… she took a deep breath.

“Both of us?”

“Both of us?” he asked, clearly not quite understanding what she was getting at. “It does take two, yes… mmm, at least.”

“No more than two for this, please,” she inserted hurriedly, before Ty could get ideas. “If you want to play later with others, that’s one thing, but not… not for this, okay?”

“This will be just between us,” he agreed.

“We talked about…” she started hesitantly, since the first hurdles had gone so easily.

“About what?” Ty murmured, kissing her cheek and nibbling down the side of her neck.

She tilted her head back, enjoying the attention. She could just bring this up another time…

She wouldn’t be brave enough to bring it up again. “About both of us getting pregnant,” she whispered.

“Ohhh.” That paused him, for a moment, at least. “Well. I suppose I could… do you think the school will give me something for overachieving, with five?” He chuckled softly.

“A medal?” she teased. Was he going to back out now?

“Hey, you think?” He pulled away for a moment with a contemplative look. “Y’know, that’d be kinda classy of Regine.”

She had to get him back on track. Babies. Babies were the order of the day. “And thus it will never happen. But I would give you more than a medal, Ty.” Now where had that come from?

“You would, would you?” Ty smiled broadly, snuggling close again. “And what would that be?”

Well, now she was in for it. “What would you want of me?”

“Oh, I was hoping you had something in mind when you said that.”

A wicked smile crossed her lips as a thought occurred to her. “Well, you’re my Keeper. Any deals made for me would have to be made by you, anyway. But I might have… suggestions.” And now she was just being silly.

“I wouldn’t have to compel you to honor a deal anyway, would I? But what kind of suggestions?”

“Well… I already give you everything you want,” she smiled playfully, her brain clicking gears. “And you already know I’ll take care of any babies we have together. Buuuut…” she drew it out, her smile stretching her lips.

“But?” Ty ran a single finger over her shoulder, up her neck, to her lips. It made her shiver pleasantly, and she dragged it out even longer by licking the finger.

“Buuut there’s always next year, and summer break,” she pointed out.

“Next year? Jaya, babe, I won’t be here next year, remember?”

She suppressed with a small twitch the way that felt like it was ripping her heart open. “Are you saying you won’t come to visit at all?” she pointed out. “Your … DJ lives here.”

“Well okay, yeah, I’ll be around at least some, I suppose,” he conceded.

“And I know you like being in charge… But you won’t be able to Keep me next year.”

“Mmm… so what are you suggesting?” It looked like she had him hooked.

“A guaranteed… play date… at least several times over the next three years. Actual number of times, I suppose we could negotiate?”

“I like negotiating,” Ty purred.

“Then we can negotiate.” Eep.

“Later. For now… no more words?”

That wasn’t quite an order, but it came awfully close. Jaya nodded, silently, and stripped off her shirt by way of an answer. Ty watched her, of course, but then turned away for a moment, whispering so softly she couldn’t make out the words, even as close as she was.

She tried not to tense. She trusted Ty, but why would he be doing a Working, here, now? She held her breath, watching him, waiting.

He turned back to her after just a moment, almost too short a time, and presented a clenched fist, fingers upward. Opening them, he revealed two slender green capsules resting on his outstretched palm. He hesitated a moment before speaking, obviously choosing his words carefully.

“If you want to get pregnant – now, tonight – if you do, then take one of these.”

If. He was leaving her an out. Even as she thought that, her fingers were closing around the pill.

He nodded as she lifted it from his hand, and then raised the hand to his mouth, popping the other pill into it in wordless acknowledgment of their pledge.

Jaya took a deep breath and swallowed her pill. This was it, really it. “We’re going to do this,” she said softy.

“We are. Both of us. You first?” Ty grinned, raising his hands to her shoulders.

“I’m wearing the skin for it right now,” she agreed, and stole a kiss, or tried to. Ty seemed determined not to let her get away with it, pressing in as she leaned back, until both of them lay on the bed, lips still together.

She lay back, an arm around her lover, thinking of babies, and then, rather quickly, not thinking at all.


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