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Interlude: Mabina


June 28, 2016 by Lyn

Mabina frowned at the closing door. Kailani had been home for less than a day, and she was already heading off, talking in whispers to the Daeva cy’Linden, Jamian. This boded ill. Perhaps it was time for a gentle, motherly nudge in the right direction. Kai wasn’t here, so… “So, did she take her head out of the clouds at all on this trip?” she asked Taro.

“Kai?” He looked startled. “She was a champ. Took care of Nydia, found some fae bitch stalking us…”

“Stalking, was it?” She’d have to file that one away for later; at the moment, she wouldn’t be so easily derailed. “I’m sure she did very well, as you say, finding external issues to become problems, and dealing with other people’s Kept.” The tiniest emphasis was placed on the word “other;” it wouldn’t go unnoticed. “Did she mention Conrad at all?”

“Well, yeah.” He squirmed a little at that. “Of course she did. She missed him, you know?”

“Well, I would hope so, now wouldn’t I, but I can’t say for sure that I ‘know,’ no. She needs to get to settling down and devoting more time to her home life. And you’ll see that, I’m sure, of course.” Or he would when she had explained it to him. Taro had always taken a bit of leading to get anywhere.

“Well, yeah, it would be good for her to spend time with Conrad and everything, but…”

“But?” She raised a brow, tsk’ing once. It shouldn’t take more than a tsk. “I shouldn’t have to tell you how it works, now should I, Taro cy’Akatil?”

“That’s just fighting dirty, ‘Bina,” he flushed. “Besides, you didn’t have any objection when Megan was…” He gestured angrily, searching for the word. “…Keeping me.”

“Fighting? Dear, it’s not fighting we’re doing, not at all. I’m just trying to look out for our friends, aren’t I. If I had it to do over again, I’d do the same for you.” She smiled sweetly at him. “Let’s give Kailani and Conrad the chance you didn’t have.” Why was he balking so much? Conrad was his friend, after all; he couldn’t still be holding a grudge over losing that challenge, could he? It had been a nice interlude, but he had to have known he would never win that contest.

“Kai isn’t anything like Megan though, that’s the point.” Or perhaps he hadn’t. He still sounded smitten. “I mean, for one, she’s brilliant. And Conrad…”

“Is a good man. Like you are. And you both deserve good women, so let Megan go so you can focus on the future, why don’t you? Maybe you found yours in Mea; I hope so, and time will tell.” Mea, dear boy. Not Kai. Don’t mess that one up for all four of you. “For Kailani and Conrad, though, it’s our duty, as their friends, to help them realize what they have.”

“I think they do, ‘Bina. She really likes him. And, I mean, he’s nuts over her. How’d he do, with her gone?”

“Not good…” The back pain that had been plaguing her all day seemed to gather up and punch her all at once. She stumbled, and fell forward, barely catching herself on the counter.

“‘Bina?” Taro was there in a moment, of course, pulling her away from the counter and holding her up effortlessly. That talent of his was almost charming, in its way.

“I’m all right, Taro, I’m fine. Just let me call Cassidy, dear.” She sent out a stream of consciousness to her twin.

“Right… are you sure?”

Cassidy was there, though; he always was. It had taken some time and effort for them to learn how not to experience every moment as the other did.

“Well…” ::Where are you?::

::Melchior’s room.::

“…I wouldn’t say no to a lift to the Doctor’s,” she allowed.

“I’ve got you,” Taro nodded, shifting her only slightly, carrying her as he’d picked her up, cradled in his arms. She forgot, sometimes, how truly strong he was, but she wasn’t a lightweight, not with two babies fighting for space in her belly, and he was still carrying her like she weighed nothing. Not even the stairs were slowing him down. In a matter of moments they were in the clinic, breezing past the startled nurse. Taro’s confident walk didn’t slow as she protested the way he bypassed her station, carrying Mabina straight back to one of the examination rooms.

::Cass..?.:: she asked, as a contraction bent her over in Taro’s arms.

::Almost there, love.::

::Good.:: She settled back on the table. Everything would be as it should be.


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