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Chapter 117: Jaya


June 6, 2016 by Lyn

The cloud is over my head
My polyamorous friend
He got me in a mess of trouble again

“I should go,” Jaya sighed, not moving. Her head against Melchior’s chest felt wonderful.

“He really hasn’t told you to stop visiting?”

“He’s barely said anything at all. It’s been… uncomfortable.” Miserable, but when she was here, she didn’t mind so much.

“It’s going to be trouble,” Melchior warned. “Not that I want to change anything. Well, maybe he’ll let it go?” Clearly he didn’t think that was likely, but wanted to let her indulge the thought.

“I think he’s still working on the mutual fidelity thing. I know Shiva and Niki have been talking to him a lot all week. Yelling at without raising voices, you know?” It would have been funny – if Ty wasn’t so upset with her. She snuggled closer to Melchior. She should leave, before her absence was noticed.

“I guess it’s a little outside his experience,” Melchior mused.

“Yeah, yeah, cy’Linden,” she grumbled. “So everyone keeps saying. Except me. I wonder how Joff deals with it?”

“I don’t think he’s had a lot of choice?” Mel said carefully.

She twitched, thinking about some of the things the waifish boy had told her. “I mean… now. He seems to be really happy with Ren and Rafe, but there’s still the cy’Linden parties.”

“I guess I wouldn’t know.”

“I’ll ask him sometime.” She smiled faintly. “He hollered at Ivette in my defense.” It was a weird mix of feelings there, being rescued, but wasn’t horrid.

“In your defense, huh? How’s that?”

“Ivette was…” She shook her head and wiggled closer to him. “It sounds dumb.”

“Sounds like Ivette,” he grinned, shifting slightly against her. “I just can’t imagine Joff defending someone.”

“It was a bit embarrassing,” she admitted, hiding her face in his chest. He smelled, like he always did, delicious. She never wanted to move again. Melchior, wisely, dropped the subject and just held her.

It was later, probably much later, when she finally disentangled. “I should go,” she repeated; this time, she pulled on her pants while she said it.

“Yeah, I guess you should. Good luck.”

“Thanks.” She tilted her head for a good-bye kiss. Before it could build to more than that – again – she pulled away.

“I’ll see you at the challenge,” Melchior smiled.

The challenge. Most of the school seemed more worked up about it than she was; then again, she expected to be benched for most of it. Her thoughts wandered over the rest of her cy’ree as she exited to walk home.

“Jaya?” Thinking about them or not, that wasn’t the voice she’d expected to hear, especially not here.

“Ty!” she exclaimed, plastering on a smile and whirling around. “Um, hi…”

“Fancy running into you here,” Tya answered dryly. She was dressed like… well, like Mea for a cy’ree meeting.

“Yeah, uh, what a coincidence,” she replied, hearing her voice hit the upper registers. “Um, nice outfit.”

“This?” she smoothed the thing you could probably call a skirt, if you were feeling generous. “I thought it was nice. Where are you heading?”

“Uh, home. You?” It was a very nice skirt, in its way. It made her want to… well, to do what Melchior had just done to her, in fact. She blushed faintly at the thought.

“I was thinking of visiting Melchior,” she purred casually.

“Melchior?” he blinked. For a moment he just stood there, attracting flies.

“Well, you seemed to find him so interesting…”

“Wait, you, um, uh…” Yeah, that was a lot better, his inner voice added sarcastically.

“What is it?” she asked, with poisonous menace. “Some reason I shouldn’t?”

“I… guess not, then.” So that was it. Maybe she’d let him go, now, too.

“Want to come in with me? We could make it a threesome.”

“We… uh… um…” This was never what he’d had in mind in months and years past when he’d fantasized about the idea of a threesome, certainly. “Really?”

“I don’t know what to do with you, Jamian. If you want to sleep with Melchior, I don’t see why we don’t just both sleep with Melchior.”

“I… wait. You… what?” Smooth.

“Shiva and Niki have been yelling at me all week to do something, but neither of them can come up with, I don’t know, what to do. So, you like sleeping with him. That’s something we can do as a couple.”

“So… you still want to be a couple?” He latched onto that thought like a liferaft while his brain spun in the whirlpool of other possibilities.

“Honey, I couldn’t get rid of you if I wanted to… and I don’t want to. I just don’t get why you don’t want me.”

“Don’t want you? What…” He sputtered again. “Why do you think I don’t want you?”

“You’re always off playing with your friends, you’re sleeping with Melchior, and you’ll be a girl for anyone but me!” She looked as if she was ready to stomp her foot indignantly.

“I… I don’t… uh. Maybe we should talk about it?” he offered.

“We’re talking about it, aren’t we?”

“At home, or… somewhere, not in the middle of the hall? Please?”

“Like you told me you were sleeping with him?”

“At least we were at home, kind of,” he mumbled.

“I guess,” she agreed, deflated. “Okay, let’s go home.” She hesitated. “You don’t want to go sleep with Melchior with me?”

She sort of looked like she wanted to, and Jamian didn’t really want to disappoint her, but he wanted to get this conversation over with. “Maybe later?” he offered.

“Yeah,” she agreed, with a pouty sigh. “We should probably talk.” They walked back to the room in uneasy silence, to find the common room thankfully deserted. Tya kept walking, though, heading into her room.

Jamian sat heavily on the bed there, facing her. “So. What do you want?”

“I want you to be mine. To be with me. To want to be with me.”

“And what about you? Do you want to be with me?”

“Yeah? Yeah, of course I do, Jame.” She flopped down into her desk chair, looking at him worriedly. “Of course I do.”

Funny way of showing it. “Okay,” he nodded, unwilling to give voice to the treacherous thought. “That’s a start.”

“Okay?” She looked a little bit lost.

“We want to be together. So, we should be able to work this out, right?”


“You sound less certain than I am; that’s not a good sign.”

“I… no.” She shook her head, then stood up and started to pace. “I want to be with you. I want to work this out. I’m just surprised you do. I’m surprised at you taking charge,” she admitted more quietly.

“I am wearing the pants, at the moment,” he joked, attempting to lighten the mood.

She giggled, startled. “Don’t let DJ hear you talk like that! So. We can fix this?” She leaned against her closet door and peered at him. “Does this involve some sort of parity?”

“Parity? Like equality? Uh. I guess to some extent, it does.”

She sighed, and made an exaggerated pout face. “I bet it’s not one lover on the side each, is it?” He was pretty sure she was joking, but only pretty sure.

“No! Uh. Well. Is that what you want?”

“I really don’t like the idea of you being with anyone else,” she admitted, looking down at her feet. “I like having you all to myself.”

“And what about… cy’Linden?”

“I don’t want you with them, either!”

“Will you stay out of their games?”

“Oh.” She looked sad, her shoulders hunching forward, her hair falling into her face. He was making her sad, that wasn’t right, was it?

“Hey,” he said, softer. “It’s… no, it’s not okay.” He was trying to be nice, but he could hear his own frustration. “Maybe sometime, like you said before…”

“So… like, um. Mostly-faithful, except-by-arrangement?” She looked up at him through her hair.

“By arrangement. I guess so?” She was so cute and helpless and vulnerable like that, he’d agree to whatever she said, he knew.

“Will you be a girl for me, then? If I’m faithful to you, except, like I said, when we agree on it?”

“I… yes, if that’s what you want. I only wanted to…” She shook her head. “It’s silly.”

“No, tell me,” she insisted. “Tell me, Jame’.”

“I didn’t know what to do,” she said softly. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough for you.”

“I…” Ty looked stunned. “Oh, Jaya!” She launched herself at her, hugging her tightly. “Oh, honey.”

Jaya wrapped her arms around Tya. “I’m okay; better than okay, I guess,” she giggled faintly.

“I’m so jealous he got your virginity,” Tya murmured throatily in her ear.

She swallowed hard. “Sorry?”

“You know, you are a shapeshifter. We could pretend…”

“I don’t think I’m that good of a shapeshifter? I don’t really know, um, how to do it.”

“Oh, well,” she shrugged, and nibbled lightly at Jaya’s ear. “The nice thing about hermaphrodites is there’s always something new to try.”


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