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Chapter 112b: Shahin


June 3, 2016 by Lyn

I know you know
I’m wrapped around your finger
You’re so, you’re so
Beautiful and dangerous
Hot and cold

Eris’ words were swimming in Shahin’s mind as she met Emrys after their cy’ree meetings. “Cy’Akinobu should be getting out of their meeting, too,” she murmured. “Let’s grab Ayla and Xaviera and track down Vi, just hang out for a while.”

“Sure,” he nodded. “Need a little chill time?”

“Yes,” she agreed, with a small shudder. “I like my cy’ree…” She was startled to realize this was true. “…but they’re a little intense.”

“Pelletier, intense? Seriously?”

“Have you met them?” She shook her head. “It’s a walking-wounded parade, Emrys.” She lowered her voice to a whisper only he could hear. “So much pain.” That reminded her of Carter’s stark list. “Who was Shadrach?”

“Shad? Man, he was a real piece of work. First cohort, with his brother, Meshach. We’re all better off with them gone.”

“Especially Eris, I think.” She shook her head as they reached the suite where cy’Akinobu were meeting. “It’s like that, almost all of them.”

Whatever response Emrys might have had was cut off as the door opened. Ayla was somewhat more surprised to see them standing there than Xaviera, it seemed.

“Come on,” Shahin coaxed, with a smile, “I want to eat chips and queso, and I need company to justify that.”

“Sure,” Ayla replied, a bright smile overcoming her surprise. Xaviera looked like she wasn’t quite sure if she was supposed to be included in that, but she followed nevertheless.

They gathered Vi from his meeting, and headed back to Emrys’ room for the proffered chips and dip, and, as Emrys had said, some chill time. They were getting used to Xaviera’s presence; it helped that the cy’ree meetings put Ayla in close proximity with the girl.

“Does Coy ever talk?” Ayla asked, through a mouthful of chips. “Azumi, I get, but Coy?”

“Not much,” Xaviera shrugged. “Before this year though it was just me and him. We didn’t exactly hang out.”

“Yeah? That’s an awfully small cy’ree. Not that we’re all that big now, either…”

“The teachers everyone sees tend to have the largest groups,” Emrys explained. “The language teachers and secondary staff aren’t as well known; not as many people approach them.”

“Like Drake,” Shahin noted. The conversation wandered for a bit into professor-gossip, which was a little racier at Addergoole, as many things were, than at Shahin’s old school; it was late when Ayla and Vi decided it was time to head back to their rooms.

Once they had gone, Xaviera, as well, stood, stepping towards the door.

“Stay here,” Shahin commanded quietly.

“Here?” she asked as her movement halted. “Okay. Why?”

Shahin glanced at Emrys, hoping he would back her up. “Come here,” she told the girl instead of answering. Emrys nodded, watching them and seeming to discern her intent, as Xaviera approached.

Shahin reached for the edge of her glove, and then paused. “Don’t communicate to anyone about what happens here tonight, or communicate about it at all outside of this room.”

Xaviera gulped and nodded slowly, watching Shahin nervously.

Damn. Thinking about Callista, Shahin frowned. “I’m not going to hurt you. We’re not going to hurt you.”

The girl stood motionless; she’d heard this one before, apparently. Shahin wasn’t as surprised as she’d like to be about that; well, no use reassuring her if she wouldn’t believe it. She stripped off her gloves and set them on the nightstand, trying not to be nervous. Emrys perched on the bed; clearly he was going to let her take the lead. “Come here, Xaviera.”

The girl approached, hands folded meekly before her. It was a change in demeanor that was both intriguing and terrifying. It would be so easy to abuse that power. Shahin patted the bed next to Emrys. Putting the girl between them made her nervous, but she Belonged to both of them.

Xaviera took the seat, glancing in both directions. Emrys set a hand on her shoulder, lightly, and she became still. Shahin mirrored the gesture, setting her so-very-bare hand on the girl’s other shoulder.

Now, at least, Xaviera seemed to get the message. She leaned back, just a little, setting her palms on the bed and arching slightly to emphasize her cleavage as she looked for their reaction.

Shahin looked her over, not showing any expression yet. She wasn’t an unattractive girl, at all, even if she was taller than both her Keepers, and it was rather appealing cleavage.

Hunh. Shahin frowned slightly at her own reaction. She hadn’t expected the attraction.

“You changed your mind?” Xaviera asked hesitantly.

“Possibly.” She glanced at the girl thoughtfully.

“I am yours.”

“I noticed.” She glanced over at Emrys, then back at the girl. “Tell us if anything happens here that you don’t like.” Back to Emrys; she was going to need him to take the lead here. She hoped he could read that in her expression.

Xaviera swallowed and nodded, as Emrys pulled his shirt off over his head. Well, that was direct enough. She reached for her own, then thought better of it. “Take my shirt off,” she commanded quietly.

Xaviera moved to comply, slowly, working Shahin’s buttons with long, dexterous fingers. She snaked the blonde’s shirt upwards in the meantime, concentrating on the way her hair trailed over her long neck, so different from Emrys. Shahin looked up at him, smiling faintly.

He had finished stripping in the meantime, behind Xaviera’s back, which he now ran his hands over. Shahin shrugged out of her shirt as the last button came undone, and finished pushing Xaviera’s shirt off in return. For a moment she wondered if her breasts were that entrancing, before realizing it was the glowing sapphire scars that the girl was staring at. She traced her fingers over the older one. “The dragon gave me that one,” she murmured; then touched the much shorter one over her floating rib. “That one was from you.”

“Does it always do that?” she asked quietly, momentarily ignoring Emrys as he pressed up against her back.

“Glow? Yes.” She stroked Xaviera’s neck, brushing her hair back, hoping to distract her. The girl shivered faintly at her touch, but not in a displeased way, it seemed. Shahin smiled, and looked back to Emrys. He leaned in on the other side, setting his lips against Xaviera’s neck. It sent an odd thrill through Shahin, seeing him with her like that. She mirrored his movement to cover her expression, kissing the other side of the long neck.

Between them, Xaviera sat largely still, though she in no way rebuffed their advance. “It’s all right to respond,” Shahin murmured, as, rather experimentally, she kissed her way down to the collarbone.

Xaviera glanced down at her for just a moment, before turning her head, finding Emrys’s lips with hers. Shahin traced the scales down her spine, the small line of them under each breast. Xaviera arched into her touch, firm breasts pressing against Shahin’s hands, without taking her attention from Emrys. Shahin found she didn’t want to think too hard about the girl’s obvious experience with multiple partners. She could think about the breasts instead. Bigger than Shahin’s – she was built on a larger scale all over – too big to comfortably cup in her hands, but she could kiss the nipples easily enough, and those, at least, weren’t scaled.

They were hard, though, showing the girl’s physical excitement much more than the emotional detachment she still displayed as her hands roamed over Emrys’s body. She could feel the heartbeat pounding against the flesh as she sucked first one, then the other nipple into her mouth. At least she was warm-blooded.

Slowly, Emrys lowered her to the bed, and Shahin followed them down. He pulled back, reaching for the girl’s pants, and Xaviera looked back to Shahin for a moment, eyes wide with anticipation.

Shahin took the girl’s hand and set it on the waistband of her own skirt, before ducking her face back to the breasts. That was all the command she needed, it seemed, as her hand snaked under Shahin’s skirt. Delicate fingertips ran over her skin, small and light, a distinct difference from Emrys’s touch.

Emrys. She looked up to him for direction again, not wanting to get in his way. He had finished stripping Xaviera, and he knelt over her, hands on her hips. “Whatever you want, love,” he said, sensing Shahin’s question without looking her way.

“How good are you with your tongue?” she asked the girl thoughtfully.

“I’ve got some talent,” she admitted. “I could show you.”

“I’d like that.” She slipped out of her skirt and panties and straddled Xaviera’s shoulders. Xaviera reached up, setting her hands on Shahin’s thighs, and leaned up to her, kissing her lightly. “Yes,” she encouraged her softly. “Good.”

The girl kissed her a few more times, before darting her tongue out; just a little at first, but it was clear once again that she knew what she was doing here. She gasped for just a moment, distracted by something else, before returning her attention to Shahin with more fervor.

Shahin twisted to see what Emrys was doing, one hand on Xaviera’s head for guidance she didn’t need. Her legs were spread around him, dutifully lifted to give him better access to her, though he was still being gentle with her. Shahin recognized it, remembered, and knew that the gentle wouldn’t last but she wouldn’t mind at all by that point. She felt, momentarily, jealous, but this had been her idea. She tightened her hand in the long blonde hair and focused on what was being done to her. It was very nice, after all. She had a familiarity that a man simply didn’t, and knew all the right ways to touch her.

“Good,” she encouraged her again in a soft moan. Xaviera let out her own gasp of pleasure, lips working against Shahin, hands clenching to hold her close. “Yes,” Shahin added, opening her eyes to look down, smiling. “Yeah,” she added, in agreement. The girl flushed with pleasure, only the top of her face visible from Shahin’s position, and redoubled her efforts.

Shahin shuddered on top of her, licking her lips in her own need. Behind her, Emrys was going to be… the thought was no longer distressing; it was hot, urgent, needful. She turned to look at him. He met her gaze, even as he pulled Xaviera hard against him. She cried out, moaning into Shahin, nails pressing into her thighs. Shahin moaned in response, her hand growing tighter in the girl’s hair, her eyes fixed on Emrys. He reached out a hand to her as he moved feverishly against Xaviera. “Master,” the blonde whispered. “Yes, thank you, Master…”

Shahin blinked, turning to look down at her. Xaviera gripped Shahin’s thighs tightly even as her body quaked. “I won’t stop, Del, you know that,” Xaviera murmured with her eyes closed.

Del. She shifted her hand to stroke through the blonde hair gently, reaching for Emrys’ hand blindly. Emrys held her hand tightly, squeezing it, and didn’t let go once he pulled away from Xaviera.

She held onto him tightly and moved off the girl’s shoulders to lay beside her on the bed, still stroking her hair. After a few moments, her pleased shudders ceased, and she curled up contentedly against Shahin.

Shahin looked from her to Emrys, not bothering to hide her worry.

“You know what it’s like, to please your Keeper like that,” he whispered. “With two of us…”

“Mmm,” she agreed, relaxing, continuing to pet their Kept. “Good girl,” she murmured.

“Although I’m not sure I like being compared to Ardell,” he added wryly.

“Or Delaney,” she agreed.

“Favorably compared, at least,” he smiled faintly.

“Yeah.” She licked her lips and looked over at Xaviera again. “That was…”

The girl opened her eyes. “Nice,” she said. “Thank you.”


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