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Chapter 72: Jamian


September 13, 2015 by Lyn

Young teacher, the subject
Of schoolgirl fantasy

Mark – and Ivette and Joff, both of them flush with energy and giggling like kids – walked Jamian back to Ty’s suite. Jamian, who had watched them drawing energy from the very angry, flammable Emrys, hadn’t been able to participate: VanderLinden and Ty had spent long enough hammering home that draining people was a bad thing that he seemed unable to do it at all now. He trudged beside them, exhausted, trying not to resent their perkiness.

“Poor Jamie,” Ivette purred, nudging him with her hip. ”All worn out, and he didn’t even get any fun out of it. Mark, can we help him just a little teeny bit?”

“How did you have in mind? We’re not going to do anything with him that’ll upset Tya.”

“Or me,” Jamian muttered, too tired to be really snippy about it.

“I just wanna give him a little boost. He was so good and he didn’t get anything in return.”

“Go ahead, then, as long as it doesn’t involve taking either of your clothes off.”

Jamian bristled angrily, but Ivette shut off his protests with a kiss. A very nice kiss. A kiss that seemed to be electric, shuddering through his whole body, like a shot of concentrated caffeine. He staggered backwards, twitching.

“Easy there,” came Mark’s voice. “Don’t paralyze the poor kid.”

“I… I’m okay.” The sudden buzz had faded, left him feeling awake without feeling hyper. ”Thank you.” Irked by the way the big football player was treating him, he intentionally looked straight at Ivette as he said it. “I needed that.” He reached for the door of the suite behind him, still smiling at her.

“Any time, sweetie pie.” She kissed him lightly on the cheek. “See you tomorrow.”

Mark waved and turned with his crew to leave. Jamian watched Ivette’s lovely ass wiggle away for a moment, then let himself into the suite.

It looked like TV night, Shiva and Niki and Magnolia and an uncertain-seeming Anwell on the couch, Phelen flopped in one of the armchairs and Ty in the other. A sense of confused gloating was coming off of Phelen, Anwell was jittery, and Ty seemed a little anxious – no big surprise there – but everyone else seemed to be in a good mood.

He paused at the edge of the living room, uncertain. He could just go sit at Ty’s feet. He wanted to just cuddle up, to be touching him again. But he’d been pretty rude to him earlier.

Ty held out a hand to him, and that was all the invitation he needed. He was surprised to find, by the time he’d crossed the room, that Ty had scooted over to make room for the two of them to sit side by side, but he took it, snuggling up against him, resisting, but just barely, the thought that one of them ought to be a girl for this.

“So what did Caitrin need you for?” Ty asked, far too casually.

Suddenly uncomfortable, thinking of Ivette straddling Emrys, humping him, Jamian muttered “Human battery. Inhuman battery.”

“Oh, energy transfer. She must be pretty overworked to be calling you in for that.”

“Yeah. It was pretty bad in there.” He frowned, working his tail into a comfortable position. “You’d think that, if she needed Daeva, Professor VanderLinden could be there helping, too.”

“Linden’s not one of the more helpful staff members,” Phelen chuckled. Magnolia and Ty, far from arguing, laughed right along.

“Yeah,” Ty snerked, “there’s only one thing VanderLinden does regularly with his Students, and I hope he’s not doing that with you.”

Jamian blinked. “Really? I mean, I guess I should have figured, given the bed in his office… Wait.” He stared at Ty. “Aren’t you one of VanderLinden’s Students?”

Phelen just laughed, not exactly reassuringly. Everyone laughed, except for Ty, who blushed.

“That’s a better expression than I had, when I figured that one out,” Niki smirked.

Ty, to his credit, looked a little flustered. “Mike doesn’t sleep with all of his students…”

“Just all but two,” Magnolia purred, “counting you, Jamie.”

“Do you…” God. “Do you have a kid with him, too?”

“Oh, gods, no!” Ty shook his head urgently.

“Because Linden doesn’t carry as mother anymore, and Ty wasn’t doing that either.” Anwell had been so quiet, Jamian had almost – as he often did – forgotten he was there. Ty looked like he’d rather he’d continued with the silence. “I asked,” he added, far more quietly.

“So,” Jamian tried to bring the attention back to himself, to spare the kid some discomfort. “You slept with my Mentor. Everyone’s slept with him. Except me… and who else?”

“Oh, come on, this isn’t a hard one,” Phelen laughed. “Who in your cy’ree wouldn’t you touch with a ten-foot pole?”

He ran through the students in his cy’ree. Anwell, but Phelen didn’t just mean “because you’re straight,” or, like Magnolia, “because she’s terrifying,” or like Ivette, “because her Keeper would kill you.” Who else was there? Mea was delicious, Ty was his Keeper…

“Ardell,” he squeaked.

“Gooood choice,” Phelen said slowly. “But, not the right answer in this case.”

“Oh, god, Linden’s slept with Ardell?” He twitched. “T…” he stopped himself. “Okay. Then I guess… oh.” He blinked. ”Yeah, I wouldn’t let her get that close to me, either. Agatha”

He nodded. “Not that she’s bad-looking, in a kind of creepy way. But I get praying mantis images.”

Jamian gulped, and flailed about for a change in subject. “Okay. So my Mentor, our Mentor, is good for bonk…” No, not when he was talking about Ty. Or Anwell, trying to be invisible, for that matter. “Good for sleeping with Students – except me. And Aggie. – and not much else, which makes him no good at all for me. Did I just get the shaft?”

“Except not,” Niki sniggered. Shiva pressed her hand across the boy’s mouth, effectively shushing him.

“I don’t think they would have given you much choice,” Ty answered slowly. ”Being the only pure-blooded student, they were going to stick you with the Daeva Mentor. And Mike isn’t bad. He’s just… a party guy.”

“But are other Mentors like that?” He looked between the three who had the best chance of knowing. Niki was still muzzled, and Shiva was looking thoughtful and not presenting an answer, barely acknowledging the hand over her Kept’s mouth. He turned to Phelen, hoping he’d be more helpful.

“Well, Fridmar gives pretty good advice, actually. He’s helped me out of a couple jams.”

“Yeah?” He pondered that. “I’m not sure I want advice from someone whose solution to problems seems to be ‘sleep with them.’”

“Well, it works for him.” Phelen shrugged. “You’ll find your own way.”

“We were talking about this just a few minutes ago,” Shiva interjected, “with that cute little redhead. Ky…”

“Kylie?” Anwell offered.

“No, cy’Regine.”

“Kailani,” Jamian helped.

“Yeah. About useless Mentors. I mean, I do pretty well with Dr. Mendosa, but that’s kind of a strange case.” She barked out a bitter laugh. ”Only I would end up needing a shrink as my mentor, even here. But anyway… a lot of the Mentors aren’t that good at helping. It’s not just VanderLinden.”

“Aren’t they supposed to be there to help? Or is that just another lie?”

“It’s not a lie,” Ty put in. “They do help. Some of them are just better at it than others.” Niki, not to be left out of the conversation, nodded.

“But not enough,” Shiva interjected. “Sometimes I wonder if we ought to be helping the younger students instead of just, you know, trying to eat them.”

Niki coughed, and she shifted her hand from her mouth to his viney hair to pet him. “Not you,” she told him affectionately, “you asked for it.”

“So it’s okay to devour me if I ask to be Owned?” There was a little knife-twist in the way Niki asked it, a snarkiness Jaya couldn’t quite put her finger on.

“Yep.” Shiva answered casually, but the unkindness had struck home, even if no-one but Jaya could taste the flinch. She plowed on, either despite or because of the frustration. “But I think maybe… well, there’s thing Regine says in her hi-we’re-really-freaky speech every year? About find a Mentor but talk to the older students? We all know that’s just her feeding the sharks – but what if it wasn’t?”

“Well, it’s not totally feeding the sharks. I mean, we do protect new blood,” Magnolia protested. “Jame, what are you doing, dear?”

“What?” she squeaked. She. Damnit. “Um…” She looked down at herself, blushing.

“Now that’s something your Mentor ought to be able to help with,” Shiva offered gently, although she was suppressing a smile. “Unless you meant to genderswap?”

“No!” she yelped.

“Leave her alone, Shiva,” Ty scolded. His arm was warm and comforting over her shoulders. “We can go talk to Mike tomorrow, maybe, when Jaya isn’t so worn out. But this thing you’re suggesting – I mean, it’s probably a little late for this year anyway, isn’t it?”

“Probably,” she admitted unwillingly. “Not everyone has gotten hooked yet, though.”

“But what about the geasa?” Anwell objected. Now even Magnolia was frowning at him, but, for once, he didn’t seem to mind.

Shiva was frowning, too. “You have a point. There’s ways around some of it, but it can be sort of brain-breaking.”

But the Fifth Cohort hadn’t been geased. Jaya, comfortable in Ty’s arm, said nothing, lest he decide to order her to keep secrets she barely understood yet, but ideas were beginning to percolate.


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