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Chapter 70b: Shahin


September 13, 2015 by Lyn

It was a nice kiss. It was nice, for a moment, to just relax in his heat. But they still had a lot of things to resolve, and they couldn’t resolve them by kissing. Eventually, she had to stop kissing him. “Okay.” She exhaled. “How much of a mess have you gotten me into?”

“Well, that kind of depends on how much they want to push it.”

“Now is not the time for hedging.”

“Well it does. It’s kind of like when a cop stops you for speeding, there could be all kinds of levels of trouble depending on his mood.”

“All right, so we’re on a scale of ‘get off with a warning’ to…?”

“Well, in theory they could expel you. I haven’t seen it actually happen.”

“How many cases of attempted murder have you seen?”

“Not many, but it’s not exactly something they make public if it happens.”

“I begin to understand why Keepers have their Kept on such short leashes,” she said dryly, wondering if she should have been doing so from the very beginning, if doing so now would do any good, either for the trouble she was in or her long-term goals.

“It’s true, as long as you Keep me, you are fully responsible for my actions.”

She smirked at him, wondering how far he’d push that on purpose. “Trying to get out of it already? It’s only Tuesday.”

He laughed. “No, but you wanted to know what was going on.”

“So, we have the extremes. I can’t be too upset about the whole ‘expulsion’ idea. What do you think is more likely.”

“Probably? A slap on the wrist after the circumstances are explained.”

“And to keep this from happening in the future…?”

“Dodging would be good,” he smiled.

Only he, of anyone she had ever met, could make her this frustrated. It had to be a special skill. Her fingers twitched, and she wondered how much she could hurt him without bothering Caitrin again. Later. Once they got back to her room.

“If you were in my situation,” she asked, “what would you do about you?”

“Not an easy answer. I’d have to think about it.”

So would she. “And what did you think I was going to do, when we left the infirmary?’

“I really don’t know.”

“If I don’t get a straight answer to something soon, you’re going to end up sleeping on the floor for the rest of the week.”

“Then stop asking me to predict your actions or answer hypothetical questions.”

She blinked at him, frowned, and swallowed a sharp retort. “Your round,” she acceded. And then, because he really did have a point, “thank you for-” He hadn’t really been defending her “-what you did, with Taro.”

“You’re welcome,” he nodded. “We should find out what the rest of the aftermath is, too.”

“With your crew?”

“And theirs, really.”

“I doubt their crew wants much to do with us right now – but I’d rather deal with them than Agatha.”

“Aggie’s not all that bad as long as you’re on her side.”

“Yes, but I’m not certain I am.”

“She stood up for you. Well, for all of us, but…”

She looked at him sidelong. “When?”

“While you were down. She pressed our advantage and won the day for our crew.”

“I’m not part of your crew, dear.”

“You were on our side, though.”

“Only accidentally.”

“Does that really matter?”

“She got what she wanted for her crew out of it.” Shahin shrugged. “Do you really want me to get along with her?”

“You don’t have to, just don’t be so quick to assume she’s only looking out for herself.”

She studied him for a moment, and decided it wasn’t worth pressing the point. He clearly saw something in the poisonous little bitch that she didn’t. On the other hand, it might be interesting to see them really interact, with him collared. “All right, let’s go.”

He nodded, taking her hand, and they returned to the suite.


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