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Chapter 69: Jamian


September 13, 2015 by Lyn

We are the energy
We are the same as you
Take everything you need

He wasn’t sure why he was nervous. The big blonde Viking, Mark, wasn’t a bad guy, from all accounts; even if the first time Jamian had seen him, he’d been beating someone up, it had been in defense of a girl.

Still, “hi, could I borrow your succubus?” just didn’t roll off the tongue. Maybe he should have shifted to Jaya first? No, that still had the chance of creeping someone out who knew him as Jamian.

Even after talking to Caitrin, he wasn’t sure what exactly it was he was supposed to be doing, but “go see if you can get Ivette and Joff from their Keepers” was easy enough. In theory.

He knocked on the door to the suite. The adorable redhead from the locker room answered – not Kailani who he’d talked to, but the other one, Kylie, with the little pink panties… he suppressed a blush, noting that she was now at least dressed in a tank top and short shorts.

“Hi,” she smiled perkily. “What’s up?”

“I, uh,” he stammered. Crap. And wasn’t she dating the – his brain finished the sentence with “captain of the football team,” as absurd as that cliché would be down here – the guy he was here to talk to? Or Owned by; the necklace she was wearing wasn’t exactly a collar, but neither was Niki’s little chain.

“You, uh,” she teased lightly, and he relaxed.

“Me, ug,” he grinned. “Ug talk to Mark?”

“Hey Mark,” she called into the room. “Ug is here to talk to you.”

“Ug Jamian,” he corrected, relaxed now, not thinking about her pink panties at all… crap.

“Jamian?” came Mark’s voice, and then he stepped into view, wearing only a faded pair of blue jeans. “Oh, hi. What’s up?” He placed a hand on Kylie’s shoulder and she leaned into it, both motions seeming totally natural and unconscious. Jamian envied them that easiness; would he ever be able to be like that with Ty? With anyone?

Subject at hand. He stammered over a “hi,” and managed, a little defensively, to continue, “Dr. Caitrin wants to borrow Ivette?”

“Caitrin?” Mark was evidently surprised. “Whatever for?”

“Um.” He bit his lip. “Something about energy transfer – I guess she’s overwhelmed at the infirmary right now, and is running on empty?”

“Ah, okay.” He nodded in understanding. “‘Vette, c’mon out here.”

And she did. Holy crap. Did she walk around like that all the time? She couldn’t possibly, Mark came to class. He turned towards her and then sighed.

“I meant, go put some clothes on, and then come out? We have to go see Caitrin.”

Grinning, and sending Jamian a playful wink, she sauntered back into the room she’d come from. Jamian coughed, trying to remember what he was here for. Succubi. Oh, yeah. Plural. He coughed again. “Uh. Is Rafe around? I… I need Joff, too.” Oh, god, that sounded wrong.

Kylie tittered and Mark grinned. “Yeah, he’s here. Rafe! Can Tya borrow Joff for Caitrin?”

Joff poked his head out of another door – did anyone in this suite wear clothes? – just as Jamian was wrapping his brain around Mark’s phrasing. Wasn’t he a Fifth Cohort? “Aren’t you a Fifth?” he sputtered out.

“Well, yeah,” the big man shrugged. “So?”

“You bought in awfully fast, didn’t you?” Joff gave up trying to get a word in edgewise and slipped back into the room, hopefully to put a shirt on.

“Near as I can tell, you’ve gotta learn fast, or… well. And it has its perks.” Indeed, the redhead was rubbing up against him in what had to be a very distracting way, as he idly petted her.

Or “well,” yeah. Jamian had found out the “well” the hard way. He nodded, feeling uncomfortable for a whole new set of reasons. And then Ivette came out, in what he assumed she thought was clothing.

“Really, ‘Vette? A halter top with a miniskirt? Well, whatever. Joff, you ready to go?”

Joff slipped out, dressed this time, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Yeah. Where are we going?”

“Um. The infirmary.” He should have known, knocking on the door of a suite with two succubi. He shouldn’t be squirming with embarrassment. “Dr. Caitrin says she needs a power boost?”

“Okay.” He wondered if Joff accepted everything that easily.

“I’ll walk you guys down there,” Mark said. “Wait here for me, Kitten?” The little redhead sulked, but didn’t argue. Nor did Jamian; as much as it galled him to admit it, the escort seemed like a good idea, especially flanked by sex on the hoof. Kylie tilted her head up to kiss Mark goodbye, which he clearly intended to make quick, but she held onto him for long enough that Jamian felt uncomfortably voyeuristic watching them.

He could look at Ivette instead… no. Joff? The boy was too damn pretty for his own good, far too pretty for Jamian to be able to look at him as he licked his lips. . He could meet them there. He probably wouldn’t be jumped in the hall.

Just as he started to say something, Mark disengaged from the girl and stepped forward. “Okay, let’s go.”

He nodded a little too eagerly. Please, before someone got naked again. Ivette chuckled unkindly at him, and he remembered uncomfortably that, like him, she could read emotions. “Better get used to it eventually, sweetie,” she purred. “You won’t be a virgin forever.”

Flustered, he snapped out the first thing that came to mind. “Are you offering?”

“No, ‘Vette,” Mark cut her off before she could answer. “He’s Tya’s.”

Not “you’re mine,” he noted, somewhere in the frustrated embarrassment. Just “he’s Tya’s,” like he was some sort of pet poodle. He swallowed a protest. He was, wasn’t he? Arf.

Ivette patted his shoulder. “There, there,” she purred. “You won’t be a pet forever. Eventually, Ty will get bored with you.”

“Or graduate,” he agreed, ignoring the lump in his throat. He was getting really good at ignoring that lump.

Clearly disappointed in his response, Ivette moved back to rubbing against Mark. The walk from the dorms to the clinic had never seemed that long.

When they finally arrived, Mark remained in the hall. “Please help Caitrin out with whatever she needs. And keep Jamian out of trouble if he needs it, yeah?”

“You just said I couldn’t help him with what he needs,” she purred playfully.

“I said to help Caitrin, not Jamian, and keep Jamian out of trouble, which that certainly wouldn’t be.”

She sulked. “Okay.” Shifting to a bright smile, she offered Jamian a hand and Joff her other one. “Come on, let’s have some fun.”

He wasn’t sure he wanted her definit – okay, he wanted her definition of fun. A lot. But it would probably annoy Ty. He took her hand anyway, because Joff had already done so.

Mark walked away, leaving the three of them to enter the clinic. Inside, it was a zoo, or, as the impressions sank in, more like a mortuary after a natural disaster. None of the people draped in chairs or, in a couple cases, on the floor were, as far as he could tell, actually dead, but no-one was moving, either.

“No wonder she needs our help,” Joff muttered.

“Indeed.” Catrin bustled in, looking worn to a shadow but still, somehow, brusque and efficient. “So Joff, Ivette, you know what I need. Most of these students have just had their energy drained far too effectively – they need a jump-start to get going again. I could use a bit of a boost, too, if you don’t mind. Joff, if you walk Jamian through it once or twice, he should be able to do it himself.”

“What happened?” Ivette looked around, looking, for the first time, uncertain. “All these people drained…”

“I know it wasn’t you, dear. Even your appetites have never been this voracious.”


“Doug and Luke are looking into it. Please, right now I just need help with the energy transfer.”

Jamian watched the way her face twisted as she ran into Mark’s command, although he would have missed it if he hadn’t. “Okay,” she murmured, and wiggled her way to the nearest student – was that Melchior? Unconscious and with his Mask down, the goblin looked vulnerable and young. Jaya felt a surge of protectiveness for him – but the redhead was already kneeling between his legs.

She gulped. “Okay, who…” She blinked, and shook her head. “Crap.” A quick shake seemed to settle everything into place. “Who do we start with?” he asked.

“How about Kendra?” Joff tugged him into a corner, where the pretty girl lay flopped into a chair. Her face had shifted a little with the Change, he saw, her nose pink and velvety, giving her a mouselike feel that only made her more adorable. “Okay, take my hand.” His hand was soft, his grip light, kind of girly. “Now, you don’t want to send her emotions. Just… energy. Like this.” Jamian’s hand felt warm for a moment, and he felt suddenly more awake, more clear.

“Like ten minutes after an ice cream cone,” he muttered.

“Yeah, pretty much. So you focus that feeling on Kendra, and just sort of… push.” He folded Jamian’s hand over Kendra’s slack one, and his own over both of theirs. “Go ahead.”

“Push.” It wasn’t an emotion, but it did have a sort of flavor to it. He pushed it towards Kendra.

The sugar high was gone, leaving behind a head rush to rival an ice cream headache. Kendra jumped as if shocked, blinking awake. “Oh! Oh, hi, Jamian, oh, wow!” She shook her head. “I taste… vanilla?”

Joff chuckled. “‘Push,’ not ‘shove,’” he teased. “That’s all right, just give yourself a second to recharge…” He trailed off, looking at the door.

Acacia stepped through it, carrying a literally smoking body that looked as if it might be Taro from his PE class. On her heels came Doug and then Shahin, the goth girl he shared half his classes with, and her boyfriend Emrys. He held one arm strangely, and there was blood smeared all over her face as well. What happened?

His thoughts were echoed verbally by the nurse, as Dr. Caitrin turned to take charge. “Acacia, exam room one, now.” The girl moved with parade-ground efficiency, the doctor following even as she continued giving orders. “Doug, everyone else is waiting. If they need immediate first aid show Jamian how to do it, he’s got the talent.” They vanished into the exam room.

“I what now?” He blinked uncertainly at the bloody, dark pair.

Doug turned towards him, nodding. “You have talent with the right Words to heal someone. Come on, it’s time for some on-the-job training.”


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