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Chapter 54c: Jaya


September 4, 2015 by Lyn

But the thingmabob
that does the job
is bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

The praise felt nice, a warm sense of approval and belonging, almost a guilty pleasure – being praised for being a girl shouldn’t feel this good. Being a girl shouldn’t feel this good! But Tya liked her like this. She thought she was adorable. She wanted…

“What?” she squeaked. “No, no, no, Tya, no.” She covered herself ineffectually with her hands and arms, realizing uncomfortably how drafty the kilt was. “I can’t go out like this!”

“Come on,” Tya coaxed. “It will be fun.”

“Fun?” she squeaked, reaching for her pants. “Ty, people will be looking at me. As a girl. Me,” she repeated, “a girl. Everyone is going to know!”

“Jaya,” Ty answered patiently, “you’re a Daeva. Everyone already knows. And, besides, you’re a beautiful girl. Why wouldn’t you want people to know?”

She threw up her hands, tossing the pants as she did so. “Oh, I don’t know, I’ve only been hiding this secret for my whole life, and you just want me to go out there like it’s nothing?”

“Not like it’s nothing, like it’s something to be proud of. Hold your head high and acknowledge it.”

She found her chin rising against her will. “Ty!” she complained. “Stop it, please. Yes, I’m a hermaphrodite.” It sounded wrong still, like someone was going to pound down the door and beat her up, egg her and mock her for being not manly enough. “But I like being a boy.”

“Stop it?” Tya frowned. “Oh… sorry. I’m not commanding you. I, um…” she squirmed a little. “If I need to tell you to do something, I’ll put your name at the beginning, okay?”

“Okay…” She slumped a little, released from the command. “Thanks. So can I put my guy face back on?”

“Oh, come on,” Tya wheedled. “You know it’ll be fun.”

It sounded more like slow torture, but she wasn’t relenting based on the “I’ll be miserable” argument. “I don’t think this is the right kind of clothes, is it?” She tugged uncomfortably on the skirt. “Everyone was wearing these fancy shiny dresses and stuff, and I don’t think I can walk in high heels. We could…” Gulp. “Just stay here instead?”

Tya looked her up and down slowly, licking her lips. “Oh, I’d love that. But I don’t think you’re really ready.”

(She wasn’t, but she wasn’t ready to go out like this, either!)

“I know someone who can take care of the dress for you. You’ll be gorgeous. More gorgeous. Just let me get dressed, and we’ll go.”

“Please?” she whispered softly, even though she knew, by now, that it was a lost cause.

Ty glanced at her as he stripped off his clothes and plucked a suit from his closet. “It’s not that bad, Jaya,” he said, though he sounded sympathetic. “You’ll have to get used to it eventually.”

“Why? I mean, I could just live as a guy forever, except that one weekend I promised you. I don’t need to be a girl!”

“People say that after a couple centuries, it gets old, wearing the same face all the time. That Daeva live the longest because they don’t get bored.”

“Then I’ll try the girl thing in a century or two.”

Ty shrugged into a vest and a suit jacket. “Look at it this way,” he suggested, “I’m all in a suit now. So it’s go girl, or go as a couple of guys.”

Jaya winced. “You fight dirty, Ty.”

“I thought you’d like that better than just telling you what you were going to do?” He finished tying the bow tie. “I could go back to that, if you’d rather?”

“I guess fighting dirty is better than just puppeting me,” she agreed reluctantly. “Can we leave early if I’m miserable?”

“Two dances, one drink. If you hate it, we can leave after that. If you really hate it, I’ll never ask you to do it again.”

Well, that’s almost a positive. It would make Ty happy for her to do this. She clutched tightly to that thought, and tried not to think about walking into a crowd of staring people with her tits out there for anyone to see.

Ty stepped away from his closet, dressed and dapper, carrying a long handful of black velvet. He draped it over her shoulders, revealing it to be a cloak, and pulled the hood down almost over her eyes.


“Give you a little anonymity for the moment.”

“Oh.” She clutched the cloak tightly around her. If only Ty would let her wear it to the dance! “Thank you.”

“I know this makes you nervous, sweetie.” He set his hand at the small of her back – steering her, she thought, shoving her very gently towards the door. “But I think it will be good. And people here aren’t the superstitious hicks you went to high school with.”

The hall. They were standing in the hall. There were people around – not a lot of people, no, but still, there was a little group of people there, Uberto and his oh-so-elegant friend, and a pretty girl with violet butterly wings, all looking at them. At her, enveloped in a cloak like she was hiding something.

“Hey, Uberto, Aviv, Seralondae,” Ty waved cheerfully.

“Hey, Ty. Going to the dance?” The presence of a mysterious cloaked figure seemed to faze them not at all. Jaya wondered if they knew it was her.

“In a bit, yeah. See you there?” Ty, Jaya was learning, knew everyone, and seemed to be on good terms with them all. And none of them really seemed to care about Ty’s Swiss-army-knife anatomy. She wondered if Ty would care, if he knew how about the run-in she and Niki had had with these guys.

“We’ll probably make it there in a while.” Aviv – that must be the elegant-looking one with the gloves – forced an unctuous smile.

“Great!” Ty kept not-quite-pushing Jaya down the hall, past another small cluster of people – this time, he called out greetings without stopping – finally reaching another suite’s front door.

As he knocked, Jaya felt her stomach doing somersaults again. Oh, fuck. This is really happening. I’m going to have to talk to other people, looking like this. Looking like a girl. In a short miniskirt. And… I’m not wearing any shoes! It seemed so trivial, but realizing she was still barefoot almost did her in. She trembled behind Ty as the door swung open.

The always-cranky body-builder-type Taro, from her PE class, swung open the door. “What d’you want?” he demanded, sounding more surly than usual.

“Could we talk to Mabina, please?” She’d never heard Ty sound quite that way, tense and polite and still a little wheedling, as if he was afraid of the stupid jock.

Taro grunted. “Come on in,” he conceded, stepping out of their way. “Cassidy! The she-he and its pet are here to see you guys!”

Jaya tensed, ready to start a fight. Ty caught her hand in his as they stepped into the suite. “Shh,” he admonished. “Let it lie.”

She fell quiet, glaring silently at Taro’s back. Why would someone as nice as Mabina be living with someone as miserable as Taro?

Might as well ask why people as nice as Ty and Shiva are living with a creep like Phelen. Or why Seralondae is hanging out with Creepy and Creepier. Nothing about this place makes sense.

“Ty!” Mabina glided out of her room, flanked by her twin-or-partner-or-something Cassidy, looking more High Queen of the Elves than normal in her rich green gown that flowed over her full-moon belly. “And.. Jamian?” Her gaze seemed to cut right through the hood.

Jaya glanced at Taro, who was sulking on the couch, and just nodded.

“Mm-hrmm. Well, what can I do for you?” Ty glanced at Taro meaningfully. “Maybe we could talk in private?”

“Of course.” Mabina’s smile was indulgent and amused. “Step into our office.”

Jaya wasn’t sure what she expected, but what was clearly Mabina and Cassidy’s bedroom was so grown-up and homey looking that a tiny sob of homesicknesss caught in her throat. Cassidy patted her back lightly as he closed the door, the same way he would have patted a guy on the shoulders, and she pulled herself together. Just because she was wearing a skirt was no reason to get weepy.

Ty pulled the cloak off her shoulders before she could protest. “We had a little change in plans for the dance.”

“I see.” Jaya squirmed under the Elf Queen’s assessing gaze. “Very well done, Jame…?”

“Jaya,” she squeaked out, “I think.”

“It suits.” She nodded. “And the outfit is cute, I suppose, but not what you’re looking for in the line of dance clothes, now is it?”

“I don’t think so? I mean, a tux is fine with me…” It was a long shot, but she couldn’t help grasping at every straw she was offered.

“But we’re looking for a dress, maybe? None of my stuff will fit her like she is right now.”

“I see,” Mabina nodded, looking Jaya up and down, walking slowly around her. “I can do that. What will you give me in return?”

“A favor in kind?”

She raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think I’ll be needing a garden down here anytime soon.”

Ty flushed, looking embarrassed and angry. Worried, and totally unsure what was going on, Jaya stepped closer, pressing up against his back. “That’s not all I can do.”

“Of course not.” She looked thoughtful. “I’ve always wanted a window.”

“A window…? Oh!” Ty looked thoughtful for a moment. “I can do that, just not all at once. Over the next month?”

“Deal.” Mabina nodded. “Now… what do we want on Jaya here?”

“Something sexy.”

“Something that covers me?”

“Mm, all righty then. I do believe I can do something with that. Come here, Jaya dear, and let me work my magic.”

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  1. K Orion Fray says:

    I am alternately pleased and irritated with Ty’s way of “handling” this situation. On one hand, I think it /is/ a good idea to get Jamian more acclimated to being a Daeva. However. I don’t think this is the way to do it. But this is Ty. We don’t work with the same logic.

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