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Interlude: Conrad (B-Side)


August 20, 2015 by Lyn

The follow chapter includes sexual situations.


He turned quickly, heading into the room without looking at Taro; he didn’t know what he thought, he could guess what he thought, he didn’t care what he thought. Conrad held the door for Kaia and closed it behind her.

Cautiously, as if wishing for an instruction manual, she set her hands on his arms and tipped her face up gently towards him.

He kissed her again, letting more of his need for her seep into it, albeit slowly; he didn’t want to frighten her.

Her hands tightened on his arms as she kissed him back, stepping in closer to him.

He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close, putting a bit more fire into the kiss as he gazed down into her eyes.

She looked up at him, some tension leaving her shoulders. “This makes you happy.”

He blinked, pulling back just slightly to watch her, hands clasped around her waist. “I… um, yeah…”

She smiled, the rest of the tension leaving her. “Good. I like it better when you’re smiling.”

“You relaxed…” His smile broadened, pulling her closer again. “It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you relaxed like this. It’s nice.”

“It’s hard to relax when you’re miserable,” she countered. With an expression that suggested she thought she was being horribly brave, she darted in and kissed his chin.

He grinned, turning with her, pulling her deeper into the room. “Well, I’m happy now… let me help you relax.”

She glanced up at him dubiously, but went along, her doubt fading into a nervous, giddy smile as they neared his bed.

“Here, sit down.” He sat on the near edge of the bed, gesturing to the center. “Show me your back.” He stretched his arms, interlacing all fourteen fingers with a smile. She did so, dropping gracefully into lotus with her back to him, and he set his hands on her back, rubbing it slowly and gently, his broad hands well-practiced.

She made small appreciative noises before finally finding words again. “That feels really good.”

He nodded, continuing to work on her, sliding his hands up under her shirt. “It’s a gift.”

“The extra fingers must… oh!” she cut herself off with a startled gasp. “What…?”

“What?” He paused, hands lingering on her back, leaning over her with a concerned expression. “What’s wrong?”

“You startled me,” she said, her voice taking on that careful, tense tone that meant she was taking pains to choose her words. “I wasn’t expecting your hands to go inside, ah, under my shirt.”

“I’m sorry… it’d be easier if it wasn’t in the way at all, but…”

She twisted to look at him thoughtfully. “Would it?” From any other girl it would have sounded flirtatious. From Kaia, it was probably just an earnest question.

“Um…” He flushed slightly, suddenly self-conscious. “Well, yeah.”

“Okay. Don’t look… I mean…” she flapped her hand in negation. “I’d like it better if you don’t… ogle.” Blushing, she turned her back on him again and stripped out of her shirt, leaving her bare to the waist.

He smiled, not quite chuckling, and continued his massage. “Lie down on your stomach if you want, you might feel less exposed.”

She made a soft noise in response that could have been a laugh. “I was told that I shouldn’t let you tell me what to do,” she retorted; it sounded almost as if she was teasing him.

“Then don’t. I just want you to be comfortable.”

As if the suggestion of comfort were enough, she relaxed under his hands again. “I am.”

“Good.” He continued working on her back, then neck and shoulders, leaning in close behind her. Finally, she did lay down, melting as she was under his hands into a puddle of relaxed Kai, her skirt tangled around her thighs.

Eventually, he stretched out beside her, putting an arm around her waist. “Did you like that?”

“Mmm,” she murmured contentedly. “I mean… yes. It was lovely…” she hesitated, clearly a little flustered. “Wonderful.”

“I’m glad.” He pressed up close against her, his breath warm on her cheek, his arm securely around her. She turned, her nose bumping against his, to look at him.

He smiled warmly at her, eyes searching hers from just inches away, and she smiled back at him, gamely if uncertainly.

He kissed her again, hesitantly, gently as before. Her response was more certain this time, and she twisted to pull him close to her, seeming to forget her toplessness as her arm wrapped around him.

His other arm snaked around her, hands resting on the small of her back and the back of her neck, as he deepened their kiss.

She made a small noise as she kissed back, her hand on his back pulling him closer. “You…” she pulled back just a little bit… “you’re still wearing your shirt.”

“I’m sorry,” he smiled, pulling it over his head and flinging it into the corner in one smooth motion.

“That’s more fair.” She ran her hands over his chest as if it were an entirely new experience to her, exploring every inch. She planted a kiss on his sternum, then glanced up, shyly, at his face.

He smiled softly down at her, setting a hand gently on her cheek before running his fingers through her hair. She leaned into his hand, but her smile twitched a little uncertainly.

“I’ve never done this before,” she murmured hesitantly.

His pulse quickened as she essentially confirmed where this was heading. “It’s all right… there’s nothing to be afraid of. I won’t do anything you don’t want. Even if I could,” he chuckled.

She chuckled nervously at the joke. “I’m glad one of us knows what they’re doing.”

“Yeah…” His tone let show a bit of his uncertainty as to the extent of his knowledge, but his hand ran smoothly down her side, strong and confident on her soft skin.

“Good.” She kissed him again, then stood up abruptly, turning her back to him. He watched her from the bed, curiously, examining the smooth, pleasant lines of her back. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her skirt and pushed it down, her panties disappearing into the puddled skirt. She looked at him again shyly, over her shoulder, her hands folded over her stomach.

“You’re beautiful, Kaia,” he said softly, reverently, watching her motionlessly.

“I…” She gave up on words and came to him, crawling across the bed.

He unfastened his jeans, partially sitting up, and reached out to set a hand on her, caressing her shoulder and neck.

She glanced down, then back up, blushing, and, as if to cover the blush, kissed him again, her own hands finding his back and shoulders.

He responded fervently to her kiss, rising to put his arms around her and turning to lay her back gently on the bed. She smiled up at him, her hands pushing lightly and ineffectually at his pants.

He stepped back, releasing her for a moment, and let them fall, stripping off his boxers along with them. Her eyes widened as she looked him over, and she bit her lip lightly. “Yes,” she murmured, barely a whisper.

He lay beside her, half atop her, hand splayed over her bare stomach, his leg pressed against hers. She looked up at him, her expression trusting and a little bit needy, her hands trailing over his body, tickling a little, caressing a lot, as if she needed to be in as much contact with him as possible.

Gently, half-afraid she might change her might at the last moment and say no, stop, uncustomarily unsure of himself, he shifted, kissed her, and, his heart in his throat, made love to her.

Departed gods be thanked, she didn’t say no. Somewhere in the middle, she gasped yes, and then, a little later, oh, yes, Conrad, and then neither of them spoke.

It was only hours later, as Conrad stared at his ceiling, Kai sleeping with her head pillowed on his shoulder, that Conrad realized she hadn’t told him what deal she’d made with the Thorne girls.

“You’re learning,” he murmured wryly, very softly, so as not to wake her.

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  1. K Orion Fray says:

    This is such a nice contrast from the more fiery (no pun intended…mostly) scenes with Shahin and Emrys. Which is good! These two need something more…well, Kai is very wind and water. This is much more wind and water. <3

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