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The End


April 1, 2018 by Lyn

“I am bringing the Addergoole project to an end.” The room had been quiet. Now the auditorium was silent. “I am closing the school and releasing all of you here from all oaths to me. You no longer need work for me, teach for me, keep my secrets. You need no longer beget children for the project nor send any children you have to the school.”

Several people left the room immediately. Luke, reeling from surprise himself, did not stop them.

Regine, however, was not done yet. “The catastrophe we were planning for has come and gone. Two generations of students have been born and grown to adulthood since the return of the so-called “gods” from Elleheim.”

Only Regine, Luke thought, could speak of world-ending ancient Ellehemaei with such scorn.

“Our graduates have thrived. They are building industry, hospitals, schools. They are building cities.”. Luke thought she might have nodded at Feu Drake in acknowledgement there. “They save lives and create treaties, trade, education.”

A few more people left, less quickly. Luke sympathized with the urge. Regine could go on, and on, and on.

“We have done what we set out to do.”

We, we, our. But she hadn’t talked to Luke about this and, from the look on Mike’s face, she hadn’t consulted Mike, either.

“And thus, I will retreat with my data to study it. I may, from time to time, as for data on your extant children or children you may have. But the project is over.”

She nodded at the quiet murmurs rising from the audience.

“If someone wishes to take over running an educational facility, I will pass over all the necessary paperwork. But that is all.” She nodded at Reid, who clearly had been kept in the loop. “The interior wards will begin coming down now. They will all be gone by this time tomorrow.”

She walked off the stage. The room erupted into noise.

Luke slipped out. He didn’t know where he was going, but at least for a little while, he was leaving.


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