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Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?


August 6, 2016 by Lyn

This story takes place at the end of the Dance the first Saturday of the fifth year of the Addergoole School (just after chapter 15.5).

Jamian and Tya made a cute couple, her head against his shoulder, his hand protectively around her waist, slow-dancing to the sleepy music. Shiva, never a dancer, leaned against the wall, her arm draped lazily over Niki’s shoulders, and watched them, trying not to examine too deeply her feelings.

“Looks like she’s replaced us pretty quickly,” Nikita said spitefully. That would have to stop if she was going to keep him.

“He replaced me a year ago, sweetie,” she retorted softly, just enough emphasis in her tone to make her point. He looked up at her, the first signs of a good sulk coming on, so she pressed the point. “Look, moving on quickly is what Ty does. I’m sure his First-Cohort girlfriend was just as startled when she found him with me.” If she leaned on the pronouns hard enough, maybe he’d remember… ah, yeah, that little flinch that meant she’d hit him where his denial lived. “And next year, I’m sure Jamian will be sitting on the sidelines with us, and she’ll be gone.”

She tapped him lightly on the nose with one finger. “And, besides, you’re here with me right now. And I don’t really want to share you with my ex-boyfriend.”

She saw him mull over that image in his mind, saw the little switch-flip most straight people did when they thought about Ty/Tya, the moment when he was no longer picturing a threesome with two hot girls. She waited, the tip of her tail switching in lieu of foot-tapping, for the rest of her sentence to sink in.

It took a moment, and then his slightly disturbed expression tried to turn itself inside out. “I… Shiva… you…”

“That’s almost a sentence,” she teased. “You, Niki. Me, Shiva. That was what we were trying for, right?”

“Uh…” Oh, goody, she had him panicking. She smiled at him in that way that could only loosely be considered friendly, her so-very-sharp canines showing. He blinked at her, and she wondered if maybe he wasn’t very bright. “Yeah. Oh!” He blushed and looked down at his toes. “Sorry, Shiva. I didn’t mean,” he stumbled over the words, “I mean, I don’t want,” he gulped softly, and looked up at her, his eyes so sincere. “I want to be with you. Please.”

She couldn’t help the smile that stretched wide across her face. “Oh, sweetie, if you keep saying ‘please’ like that, I may be convinced to keep you around.” She tugged him closer to her, and kissed his forehead.

“If I beg?” he teased, looking up at her. “I could beg, if you really want me to.”

She licked her lips. He was testing her self-control, so very tempting, and yet she wanted to get to know him better, before she committed the rest of her school years to the responsibility of taking care of him. “I wouldn’t be averse to a little begging.”

He made a movement as if to drop to his knees, and she caught him, half-diving to wraps her arms around him. She ended up tugging him into her arms, and he flopped against her, his face nearly in her cleavage. She giggled softly. “C’mon, Niki, stand up.”

“I thought you wanted me to beg?” He looked up at her, his eyes all innocence. “On my knees?”

She kissed his nose, and laughed at the way he scrunched it up. “In private, dear. Not out here on the dance floor. That’s not the sort of public display I’m into.”

He grinned, straightening, rubbing up against her as he did so. “Oh, really? What sort are you into?”

She just smiled, letting the predatory twitching of her tail speak for itself, and studied his body, picturing him standing naked in front of all these people, her hand on his leash.

He blinked, and took a tiny half-step backwards. “Oh! You mean,” he gulped, “you don’t mean here? Like sex? In front of the whole school?”

“I think it would be fun,” she purred. Not just because she might enjoy it, but to watch the color drain from his face as he contemplated it.

“You… you wouldn’t make me do that, would you?” He looked a little scared by the idea, and she was torn between continuing to taunt him, and reassuring him before he changed his mind about Belonging to her.

“I might,” she said, deciding it was best to just be honest, “but if I did, I’d let you be on top.” She had a hard time not giggling at that line, watching it travel across his face – he was a boy, after all – sex sex sex, sex on top, sex with Shiva… wait…

He pouted at her. “Unfair.”

“Unfair?” she asked innocently, although inside she was laughing.

“You just want me to be on top so I’m more exposed.”

“Of course,” she grinned. Give the boy a cookie! “But, with this tail,” she thwapped him across the back of his thighs with it, “I don’t do ‘on my back’ unless I have to; I’d take it when you can get it, honey.”

He studied her, licking his lips now thoughtfully. “Well,” he asked, and from the look in his eyes she could tell he’d discarded one train of thought before it came to fruition – good boy. Never say “doggie style” to a cat girl – “what positions do you like?”

The dance was almost over, anyway, and she wasn’t much of a dancer. She grinned at him, lots of teeth showing. “Want to find out?”


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