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.…shake the glitter off of your clothes…


August 6, 2016 by Lyn

This story takes place the morning after the end of “…the things I’d do to you…” on the morning of the first Saturday of the fifth year of the Addergoole School (about the same time as Chapter 9).

Shiva woke slowly to the pleasant feeling of a warm body snuggled against her own. She reveled in the feeling for a few long minutes, as awareness began to seep in, before the realization presented itself that, at the moment, she wasn’t dating anyone. And the body against hers was very naked, breathing loudly, almost snoring, and very emphatically male.

The night before wasn’t so much a blur as it was just failing to load; after the third shot, everything was just … gone. She wiggled lightly against her companion, trying to figure out who it could be without waking him. Male, yes, but within a human proportion; he fit on her bed, after all. So not Anatoliy, which was probably a relief but a little disappointing. Maybe Phelan, though his peculiar set of ethics would have demanded she be sober enough to acknowledge what she was doing before they ended up in bed together, though she could fake sober as well as she could fake drunk. Anwell? Doubtful. Ivette’s fingerprints were still all over him.

No-way to know but to look. She twisted slowly, not wanting to wake whoever-it-was until she had a chance to process this. He murmured softly in his sleep but didn’t seem to wake. And, as she blinked the last of the sleep-blurriness from her eyes…

Nikita. Fuck. Niki, naked, his small, tanned body naked against her, looking like a Greek God, the vines in his hair twisted around his upper arms, his neck adorned with a black collar that looked suspiciously like one of her own, the ring in front jingling softly as he moved, rolling onto his back. Double fuck.

A memory presented itself: her hands buckling the collar around his neck. She’d been standing behind him, clothed; he’d been kneeling. Shirtless. What had she said to him? It had been very important; it had had that feel to it, of shoving meaning into every syllable in a drunkenly over-cautious way. Triple fuck. Don’t let it have been something clever like “you belong to me;” don’t let her have Owned her favorite ex’s ex while too drunk to see straight.

“Eeerg?” He blinked up at her as her memory began to reassemble itself, pixel by pixel, word by word, and reached for his neck, wrapping both hands around the soft leather. “Shiva?” He looked down at her naked body, at his own naked body, tugging a little more on the collar as his expression got a little nervous and a little confused. “Did I… did you…” He gulped, removed one of his hands from the collar to push his hair out of his face, and asked, “do I Belong to you?”

Because she could remember, now, what had happened, she could smile at his nervousness, and, a little playfully, ask him, “Do you want to?”

He let go of the collar, and ran the back of a finger along it thoughtfully. Tya had never put a physical, literal collar on him; that wasn’t her style. Shiva wondered what he thought about it.

“I… it feels nice,” he murmured, blushing a little, “but…”

This time, as she remembered what had happened the last time, she didn’t try to finish his sentence. Instead, she kissed him.

He tasted nice, surprising considering the pints of alcohol she’d poured into him the night before, and he kissed well, which was less surprising, all in all. When she finally pulled back, savoring the feeling of him, he licked his lips, seeming to be a little nervous. “It seems like something I should remember doing,” he offered, biting his lip before he continued, “and maybe thought about a little bit?”

He was so adorable when he was nervous. She straddled him, her lips curling upwards playfully. Her tail was twitching without her volition, the way it did sometimes when something particularly interested her; she let it. Pinning it down with one hand would just look silly anyway, and she wanted both hands free; and, to top it off, Niki was following the tail’s movement with his eyes, growing more anxious-looking as he did so.

“Do I look tasty?” he asked shakily.

“Delicious,” she assured him. She’d reassure him soon, but she was having fun with this. She ducked down and licked him, a long line from his throat to his navel. “Very delicious,” she assured him.

“Well,” his voice squeaked a little, making her want to hug him – or lick him again. He cleared his throat, and tried again, “Well, if I Belong to you now, I suppose you can eat me if you really want to.”

The resigned note in his voice only made her want to hug him more. Instead, she touched his collar lightly, eating up the way his raised his chin just so. “You were too drunk last night to remember your own name, Nikita,” she reminded him, “and I wasn’t far behind. I wouldn’t Own you under those circumstances.”

“You wouldn’t?” She couldn’t tell if he looked relieved or disappointed. Maybe both.

“I wouldn’t,” she confirmed.

“But…” he set his hand over hers, over the collar.

“A collar is just a piece of relatively comfortable leather,” she answered, knowing the words to be almost a lie, but a necessary lie. “Consider it a preview, sort of a dry run.”

“Try before you buy?” he asked, smirking up at her, even as his hand clenched on hers a little. “Is this a preview for you, or for me?”

“Both?” She flipped her hand over, hooking the O-ring with her thumb and catching his hand in hers, squeezing back lightly. “Let’s try this for a week.”

“And then what?” His eyes were wide, his chin tilting up just a little. She couldn’t help but grin, a toothy expression having more to do with her predatory side than her human upbringing.

“And then,” she told him, savoring it, “if I let you… you can Belong to me.”


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