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September 5, 2016 by Lyn

For B, because I wanted something fun to write. 

Set after Ty has left school. 

“I think you’re going to like this club.”

“How have you been in this town for a week, and you already know more clubs than I do?” Ty glared at Anise in only-half-feigned sulking.

She, in turn, grinned back at him. “I’m the smooth line, remember? I can always make doors open to me.”

“I remember,” Ty lied. He hadn’t paid enough attention to Anise when they were together. He hadn’t paid enough attention to, well, lots of things. “So what is this place you’re so excited about?”

“Oh, I think it’ll be interesting. And you’ll have a chance to dress up. I know you like that.” Anise’s smile was huge. “Besides, you told me we could go out someplace, just a girls’ night out.”

Ty studied Anise’s grin with some trepidation. “Okay. So we’re going out?”

“It’s a loli club.” She pulled the dress out of the garment bag – ribbons and lace, frills and bows. “It’s in your size, and I think you’re going to kill in it. All sweet and innocent and… okay, sweet and refined. And I brought one for me, too.”

Ty swallowed. He really did want to spend time with Anise. And the dress would look cute on… her.

She shifted her Mask female and then squirmed into the dress.


  1. LilFluff says:

    If guys weren’t supposed to wear dresses, why does our local mall’s Dress Barn have two entrances, Dress Barn and Dress Barn Women?

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