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August 19, 2016 by Lyn

Rix’s Guest Story

Several generations in the future of Addergoole

Emmalise wasn’t quite sure how she’d wound up in a crew with Damian and Jigg. Well, she was actually. They were the only ones who’d gone looking for her when she disappeared. Not that she’d actually disappeared, her Change made her invisible and silent. Her power made her things that were in contact with her disappear, so she couldn’t be tracked by what she was wearing or carrying. The first day of classes after her Change she’d actually wound up walking up to the board and write out in chalk “Why are you ignoring me?” while Luke was asking the class if anyone had seen her.

After that, most of the teachers worked out how to tell if she was in class, each by their own methods. Most of the students didn’t bother, she’d only been there two weeks after all and hadn’t really made any friends yet. The ones she had started making friends with were firmly under the collar after Hell Night and her older sister had made it quite clear before school started that they were not going to hang around together. But Damian and Jigg had come looking for her, figuring out where she might be then using intinn, hugr and kaana to track her down. They’d talked to her when nobody else bothered and when after a few weeks they’d invited her to move into a suite with them, Sharezer and Gladwin she’d agreed. Her mentor had already suggested that she really needed to make friends, that doing nothing about the isolation imposed by her Change would not be good for her. They were working on a way for her to control its effects but useful results seemed to be some time off.

It was after moving in with them, of course, that she found out rather more about them. All four of the boys had been at Addergoole longer than her and had probably included her to get the suite. Gladwin cy’Linden was a succubus and out almost every night. Sharezer played with fire and had some sort of feud going on with most of her sister’s crew, something Emmalise had no issue with because of the way they’d treated her when they could still see her. Damian and Jigg could be just plain nasty – the girls they brought back to the suite often left in tears. On the plus side, they didn’t expect her to do more than a fifth of the housework and the cooking and none of them ever sat on her. Jigg and Sharezer had put whiteboards and markers in the kitchen and the lounge room so she could communicate with everybody else easily.

After a month, and what Emmalise thought had been a particularly sordid after-dance Saturday night, she decided to say something. Everyone was up for brunch and while they were eating she stood up, took a whiteboard marker and rapped on the board with it. The four boys looked up.

“Please,” asked Jigg, “Not so loud please, Em?”

“Quiet,” hushed Gladwin, “Em’s upset about something. Let her talk.”

She printed in large letters on the board, “If you are going to bring people back here for sex they are not going to enjoy, please keep it out of the common areas. I find it distressing.”

“You three can all be a little heavy handed,” agreed Gladwin, “And I think this has been triggered by last night. I like an orgy as much as the next cy’Linden but, if I’m right, I think Em’s getting a bit tired of tears and upset all through her living area. Jigg and Damian, you make girls cry when you just bring them over for study and coffee.”

“You’ll do it with anyone, practically anywhere,” retorted Jigg hotly.

“Yes, but then I’m a succubus,” said Gladwin serenely, “And cy’Linden. I would hate to fail to fulfil expectation.”

“So,” asked Damian, “Aside from location and upset, is there anything else we should adjust? Seeing as it’s a side of our lives you don’t want to be involved in?” He had a dangerous glint in his eye and the silence spread through the room like ripples from a stone in a pond.

The white board marker was squeaking furiously. “How would you know? How would I know? None of you have ever asked me.”

“So,” said Gladwin calmly, “There are two, possibly three, problems here. Firstly, Em would like to be able to enjoy the amenity of her home without stumbling over naked tears and outrage on her way to the kitchen or on the carpet in front of the Playstation and the television. Secondly, none of us has asked Em to play with them and I hate to play interpreter with other people’s words but from what I know of you, Em, that means that there’s one of us in particular that you’re interested in. Thirdly, Damian apparently takes great offence that Em doesn’t want to be involved in our sex lives, and interpreting madly here, I suggest that what he wants is for Em to be involved in his sex life.” Gladwin paused, “I’m sensing some embarrassment here folks but no dissent. Shall I go on?”

“I would imagine that what happens next depends on who Emmalise is interested in,” said Sharezer, leaning back on two legs of his chair with his hands folded on his stomach. “My bet, although I would be extremely flattered, is on one of the two people who persuaded her to join our crew.” He looked over at the door to the suite and, “Tempero unutu. The door’s locked, by the way, no-one’s leaving until Professor Gladwin finishes his dissertation, diagnosis and treatment.”

Gladwin raised an eyebrow in Sharezer’s direction then went on, “As Sharezer said, what happens next depends on who Em is interested in. The problem is I have doubts that Em has actually thought the matter through in any detail. I am inclined to agree with Sharezer as to the likely object of her affections, although I could, of course, be wrong. So Em, would you like Jigg to kiss you?”

“Me?” Jigg looked around, then narrowed his eyes and got to his feet. “I can’t see that being likely.” He walked over to Emmalise’s bedroom door and leaned in the doorway, filling the space. “So any reaction to the idea of kissing me?”

“Very little,” admitted Gladwin. “So, Em, would you like Damian to kiss you?” He paused for a moment then smiled.

“So, it’s not me either,” said Damian bluntly, “So Sharezer can unlock the door and we can all get on with the Sunday cleaning.”

“Actually,” said Gladwin rising smoothly to his feet, “I imagine that she’s blushing.” The lithe succubus was remarkably quick on his feet when he chose to move and the armful of invisible girl he grabbed was halfway from the whiteboard she had been using to the kitchen. “So, now we need to get you two to come to an arrangement where you have what you need and stop being individually miserable.” He thought for a moment, “Sharezer, Jigg, grab him and bring him into my room will you?”

“What are you doing?” Damian was putting up a good fight but it was two to one and he was being dragged across the room towards the doorway to the succubus’ room.

“Sorting you two out,” said Gladwin firmly. “Em may not have known exactly what she wanted until today, but you did and all you managed to do was make a number of people unhappy instead of working on being happy.” He led the way into his room and pulled open the door of the large built-in closet. “Throw him in there, thank you.” Sharezer and Jigg complied and Damian wound up sitting against a pile of cushions on the carpeted floor, his head barely brushing the bottoms of the clothes hanging above him. Gladwin stepped in, dropped Emmalise on his lap and stepped out rapidly again. “Firstly, I believe that if you have a closet it should be like your dungeon, one you would not object to spending time locked in. Secondly, I will let you out for dinner if you’ve made each other happy a few times in the interim, otherwise I’ll have to come in and show you both what you’ve been doing wrong. Thirdly, if it’s dark you both have to work by touch and it doesn’t matter if one of you is invisible. I’ll see you both later.” He closed the door and in response to his Working a bike chain snaked out from under the bed and wrapped itself around the handles of the closet before locking.

“Right,” said Sharezer, “So how are we going to split up their share of the work?”

Gladwin didn’t open the door to his closet again until half an hour before dinner was ready. He made sure the lights were dimmed because he didn’t want to blind his captives or wake them too suddenly. Indeed the light reaching into the closet revealed Damian, asleep on his side facing the door, his arm draped over something in front of him. It was almost a pity, Gladwin mused to himself, that he wasn’t going to have to give these should-be love birds a hands on lesson or two – Damian was quite attractive in his sleep. As his eyes adjusted to the light in the closet he followed the line of Damian’s hip down his leg to the pile of clothes beyond his feet, his and hers. Coming back up he realised he could see a translucent thigh resting over Damian’s. Once he knew what he was looking at, he could see the line of her hip, the indent of her waist and the mound of her breast pressed against Damian’s chest. It seemed a pity to wake them but, “Come along, children,” he said cheerily. “It’s time to get ready for dinner. As you’ve been so good there’s a special dessert for us all.”



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