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A Basis of Understanding


August 19, 2016 by Lyn

Rix’s Guest Story

After Penny’s time at Addergoole

“It would be a great help if we could use your place as a way station between Singleton and points south,” said Steve persuasively. “You’re almost ideally located here and no-one would have to know exactly why it’s so difficult to find.”

“You’re asking me to make my home an enemy target,” Penny replied. “Why should I?”

“You don’t want the returned gods to take over any more than we do,” he told her. “This would help beat them.”

“While giving them a reason to come looking for the place where my children live.” Penny looked at him. “I’ve already helped you once. Why should I keep helping you?” What did she want from him? He was a big, grey, winged, horned and gorgeous near-Mara but that, in itself, was no reason to give in and do anything he wanted without benefit for her and hers. “What makes it worth my while?”

He looked at her as analytically as she was looking at him. The near-Grigori girl was a neat little handful with a nice ass he noticed several times before he knew what she was. She was, as far as he could tell, on her own with six children, two of them not hers. Alone. Young enough that it wouldn’t surprise him if either set of twins had been sired by her Mentor. That gave him an idea for an offer. “Alliance,” he offered. “Friendship. Even crew. You don’t know any other adult Ellehemaei in this part of the world, do you?”

“Is that a personal offer or one the Army is making through you?” Penny was looking at him very hard.

“A personal one.” There was no help for that. “I don’t think you would like being crew with the rest of my unit, let alone the whole Army.”

“If we were crew you would visit sometimes without a squad of soldiers?” There was a cautious sideways glance to that.

“Yes. Perhaps the Ronin too?” That sounded right, felt right. Almost as good as best Words strung together.

“Yes,” Penny smiled at him, dimpling attractively. “I think we have the basis of an agreement.”


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