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Bellona and Morrigan Part Two


August 17, 2016 by Lyn

Ziggy’s Guest Story
Birds and Bells and a Couple of Girls

Saturday, Hell Night

When they switched the body stopped moving for about half a second and then Bellona got control and started moving. Her bearing was different now. Instead of seeming elegant like a little princess she suddenly turned wild. Tougher. Gave off the feeling of a wild animal. A cocky half smile sprang to her face and her eyes danced as she looked around not keeping her eyes still for more than a few seconds.

Luke stopped after another five minutes or so of very fast walking. Luke opened the door. It was an average sized classroom. It was also empty. Once Bellona was in it Luke shut and locked the door. She didn’t like that and the cocky smile disappeared. Bellona put space between her and Luke by walking to one of the desks and leaning on it her hands holding her slightly forward.

“So what’s so important that I missed in a week and some?” She asked her voice loud and assertive compared to when she had spoken before. Luke looked at her the frown creasing his brow again. This time it was obvious he’d noticed the slight change in her physical appearance.

“Like Dr.Regine said. You missed the welcome dance and therefore missed a valuable chance to meet some people. You also missed a rather important announcement.” He paused there looking at her, seeming to judge her with his look. Bellona wondered what was so shocking that she could have missed in the nearly two weeks. She raised her eyebrows and smiled in challenge. She didn’t really like being judged or people trying to read her.

Luke shook his head. “I’m just going to show you. I would suggest not screaming.” Bellona rolled her eyes and by the time she had them centered again something about Luke had changed. For a moment she couldn’t place it and then it hit her.

Ho. Ly. Shit. Wings! Fucking wings! What the hell is- She was cut off.

Switch. Now! You’re freaking out. We don’t need that. With that Morrigan got control again.

Morrigan looked at Luke while Bellona was flipping out in the back of her mind somewhere. She wasn’t good at dealing with situations like this while Morrigan was. Luke obviously noticed the change again as Morrigan’s expression changed from verging on hysteria to calm interest. “So where are the hidden cameras?” She asked calmly not even a hint of seriousness in her voice. Not that anyone could tell by her voice. Luke smiled at her and turned to show her his back.

Morri. They’re fucking real. What the hell did I get us into by deciding to come here? I wish I had just run away when I first decided to.

Shut the hell up. I’m trying to think. Her thoughts were calm. There was something most definitely not normal about this school now. Not just the fact that it was underground or that shouting and screaming she heard.

Luke looked at her again and seemed satisfied that she wouldn’t break the door down so he continued. “There are a large number of people here like me some who look even more different than what is considered normal ‘out there’. Now I do believe you were supposed to go to the nurses’.” He walked to the door unlocked it and stepped out waiting for Morrigan. He was obviously going to take her there.

Why the hell aren’t you freaking out? Bell thought at her in the equivalent of a scream.

Really. What is there to freak out about? You change appearances every time you switch with me. He has wings. So what? Morrigan thought back calmly.

Morrigan could still hear Bell go on about all sorts of reasons to freak out but she just tuned them out and started following Luke back to her graceful self. If anyone had cared to notice the differences it would be that Bellona was a tamed beast walking in a human’s body while Morrigan was the perfect example of a lady. At least in her own opinion. She did have a pretty big ego. What ‘queen’ didn’t though?

They arrived at the nurse’s office and Bell was still freaking out wanting to run. Morrigan just kept ignoring her while she entered the office and watched Luke leave. The nurse smiled kindly. “Just some basic measurements. Nothing to worry about. Please remove your clothes.” Morrigan sighed but complied. The nurse spouted out more commands and Morrigan complied to all, pretty much ignoring everything that happened. When the nurse was done she told Morrigan to get dressed and that she was in great physical condition. No surprise there thanks to Bellona.

Morrigan got dressed again. She was tired. Or the body was. Neither of their minds ever got tired. The body just needed sleep. The nurse looked at her with a slight frown as she was on her way to the door. “I’d go to my room and stay there for the rest of the day if I were you.” She said. Morrigan looked at her on her way out the door. Yes! Listen to the only adult to have given you any advice today. We can also barricade the doors while there.

Not going to happen. A light smile touched Morrigan’s lips. “Thank you for the advice.” She said with very little intention of following it.

You will follow the advice! I’ll make you if I have to. Morrigan tensed slightly as she walked out the door. The two of them had only ever fought for control a few times. Bellona won every time.

You wouldn’t. That exhausts both and there’s no point. Morrigan was very confident in her answer. There was nothing to really worry about. Bell was just being paranoid.

I can and will. Give me control or I’ll take it. Morrigan stopped just outside the door.

Fine! But you are not running away from this place. Morrigan gave up control with her anger obvious.

Couldn’t if I wanted to, Alice.

Stupid “Alice in Wonderland” references.

Bellona felt the shift again just as they had started walking away from the door again. She started walking. Not really caring where. She had an idea of where her room was by the little walking she’d down with Luke.

She walked aimlessly for five minutes before she’d calmed down a little bit. She couldn’t even figure out what had calmed her down but suddenly Luke having wings and the possibility that more people like him were around didn’t bother her as much anymore.

Glad you’re better. I was worried you’d become crazier than you already were .

Shut up. Bellona wasn’t going to put up Morri’s stupid snarky comments right now. She was too busy trying to look for more people like Luke. The screams earlier hadn’t left her mind yet and though it didn’t show Bellona was terrified.

She reached a patch of hall and started hearing voices. It was a boy yelling at someone and telling him to let someone named Kendra go. Bellona stopped moving. There was a little bit more of the exchange and then she heard the girl cry “Let me go.” and she was tearing down the hall to get away from whoever had been holding her. Bellona watched the girl run passed crying and obviously even more terrified than Bellona herself was.

She tore her eyes away from the girl to hear an argument break out between the two people. Whoever had been saying let go and whoever hadn’t been letting go. She listened to the exchange, not too shocked when more voices she didn’t know broke in. She heard someone take a very commanding tone and they all walked away. Thankfully, in a different direction than Bellona herself.

What kind of fucked up place… Morri trailed off. Shut the fuck up. No ‘I told you so’s or the next time I have control I’ll embarrass you worse than the day you tucked your skirt into your underwear.

Bellona couldn’t help the small chuckle but held the ‘I told you so’s. Morri was being dead serious with her threat. Well whatever. Now I am going back to the room and barricading us in there. These freaks are not coming anywhere near us. Bellona took off down the hallway heading to where she guessed her room was avoiding people and any noise she thought was threatening. She was still terrified but didn’t let it show. She kept the thought that she was a good fighter firmly in mind but it didn’t little to help her when she saw one guy who looked to be seven or eight feet tall walking somewhere. Again thankfully, away from her.

Bellona reached her room opened the door shut it and looked to see if it had a lock. No such luck. She walked to her bed knowing there was no way she’d be able to sleep even with how exhausted her body was. Switching did that after a while. She wanted to try anyway hoping this was all a dream.

If you make an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ joke once more, I will kill you. I don’t know how yet, but I will.

Bellona was proven wrong with the sleep. It was only early-afternoon but the second she closed her eyes she drifted off thinking a small nap wouldn’t hurt any. Oh would she feel differently when she woke up.


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