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Bellona and Morrigan Part One


August 17, 2016 by Lyn

Ziggy’s Guest Story

Birds and Bells and a Couple of Girls

Saturday, Hell Night

Bellona was in the back seat of a very plain SUV on her way to Addergoole School. She was later than what she should be. She was supposed to have been at the school weeks ago but a very bad storm had kept her in her town for a little longer than expected. She’d finally made it out to the middle of nowhere on a small plane her step-father owned. Then there had been the man who sat in the driver’s seat of the SUV-Luke-waiting to pick her up.

So here Bellona sat now in the back seat with a large sports bag on her lap and two suitcases in the back. She’d been sent away to school mostly of her own volition to give her mom and step-dad a year without her there. It would most likely be good for them. They fussed over her too much. They had a right to. She had split personalities. Or really personality. Only one.

It would be very crowded in this small brain with anymore. The said personality decided to say. Yeah she heard voices from it too. Other than the biting wit and sarcasm the other personality was okay. Bellona was getting bored of reminiscing though so she decided to look at her surroundings and found she was in a large parking garage already.

Well that was fast. She thought getting a more secure grip on her sports bag.

Not really you just weren’t paying attention to any of it. The personality said calmly.

Okay. That’s enough biting wit from you for one day Morrigan. Besides, I don’t want you to get into a serious swing of insults. You’re dealing with any of the teachers. I’m no good with them. There was something like a mental sigh and Bellona smiled. They were complete opposites. Morri was the perfect lady by a high class standard. Poised, elegant, polite and brilliant at all things academic and artistic. Bellona on the other hand was a complete sports nut. Specifically fighting. Boxing a Muay Thai were her favourites.

Fine then. I take over now. Bellona felt something like a mental jerk and suddenly she was seeing the world differently. She could look through her eyes but had no control over the body she was seeing from. It was always disconcerting at first. This was where her case of DID differed from others. People weren’t supposed to remember when the other part took over. Bellona always did.

Okay. Nothing stupid though. Bellona thought at Morrigan, not wanting anyone to hate her on her first day.

Anyone who looked close enough would notice a change about Bellona but not many people did. Her eyes went from their usual forest green to a bright sky blue. Her blonde hair also got a little lighter. Not much but enough that anyone who knew her well enough would notice. She’d never been able to explain it so she just ignored it mostly.

Well time to work my magic. Just sit back and enjoy the show Bell. It should be quite interesting. Bellona would have smiled had she still had a face to control. She didn’t however.

Morrigan slid out of the SUV landing gracefully and lightly on the ground, the sports bag on her shoulders. She was glad that Bell kept their body in such good shape or it would have proven to be very heavy.

She looked at Luke at the back of the SUV with a wry little smile. He looked far too young to work for a school. Mid-twenties seemed about right and he looked very mature as well; slightly rugged with a bit of stubble and very easy to see muscles showing through his t-shirt. He was…

Stop right there. You are not going after a guy who works for the school. You really judge based on looks don’t you? Jesus. Mind on the game.

Damn it. I forgot you were there. The thought was patronizing and Morrigan knew it. She didn’t care though.

Luke turned back to her and blinked for second. Not shocked but looking like he saw something wrong. Morrigan just smiled hoping he wouldn’t notice the subtle changes. He frowned again briefly. “We’ll have to go talk to the director. Doctor Regine. She’ll need to explain what you missed.” Morrigan nodded and he started off at a walk leading her to the halls. She caught a brief glimpse of people very similar to Luke taking her stuff. She assumed it would be going to wherever she’d be sleeping.

Luke led her through the halls heading toward what she could only guess was Dr.Regine’s office.

She occasionally heard shouts of fright on her way to the office with Luke and wondered about them vaguely. She also wondered why the lights were off and only the emergency ones were running.

Weird. I don’t think I like this place to much right now. Bell, what do you think? Morrigan wasn’t scared she was just cautious. This place looked like some sort of laboratory to do research. It didn’t give off pleasant vibes to say the least.

I’m not liking it either. Wanna bolt? Morrigan thought about it and decided on a no. She didn’t think they’d get away even if they tried. Fine then. Be all positive and get our body used in experiments. See if I care. Morrigan smiled.

Morrigan stopped abruptly, almost walking into Luke. He’d stopped in front of a door. It was obviously their destination.

Luke knocked on the door politely and a voice from within said to come in. Morrigan followed Luke in and watched as the woman who looked somewhat like a secretary sitting behind a desk held a whispered conversation with him. She pressed a button and spoke into a small speaker somewhere.

“Luke and the late student are here to see you, Dr.Regine.” She said in a polite and respectful tone. Morrigan started trying to picture what the director would look like. Must I keep saying it? Mind on the game. You’re supposed to be smart one and I’m supposed to be the flighty one.

Oh shush you. I can multi-task, unlike you. Was Morrigan’s response to her irritating double. She didn’t need to be interrupted right now.

A voice came back through the intercom. “Send them both in, please Hayley.” The secretary – Hayley – got out of her seat and sent them both through the paneled door. When they entered Morrigan noticed the office was rather utilitarian. There was a large desk with two computer monitors on it and a single keyboard. It was also immaculate. There wasn’t a spot of dust anywhere. It was exactly what you’d expect from the director of a school. I like this place less and less. This office is just too perfect.

Oh shut up. You said I could handle this so just wait until it’s over before you talk again. Morrigan was getting tired of interruptions in her train of thought. It’s like having a damned woodpecker in your head. She thought exasperated.

Hey! You know I can hear that right? Morrigan ignored Bellona choosing to focus on the woman behind the desk instead. She was tall and blonde. She wore rather plain clothes. She was surprisingly opposite appearing compared to her office; except for her eyes and face. They showed nothing. Morrigan fought back a smile. The woman intrigued her and she hadn’t even spoke to her yet.

“I’m going to get straight to the point. You missed the introductory speech and the first dance of the year. You also missed some other more important things that will affect your opinion of the school. I am going to have Luca take you to his office to explain a few things. Then you are to go to the nurse and get a physical. You are free to do what you wish after that but please remember to remain patient and calm. Luca.” Dr.Regine hadn’t even introduced herself. Morrigan guessed she didn’t have time for the little petty stuff she seemed to think Morrigan and Bellona were. Morrigan smiled lightly and nodded her head in response and turned. She hadn’t even sat down yet.

Both Luke and she exited the office and there was obviously something bothering him. He was muttering something she guessed were complaints. Morrigan turned to Luke. “So who is it I’m to speak to?” She asked with a polite and quiet voice.

Luke looked at her and sighed. “That would be me. My name is Luca. I go by Luke. Come with me.” He was somewhat short and Morrigan could guess why. Dr.Regine had obviously just pushed a task he hadn’t wanted. Another small smile touched her lips and she followed Luke out of the foyer and back into the strange halls.

They moved through the halls and Morrigan noticed that by now the shouts and grown a little less frequent. Okay. I’m kind of wanting to be the one in control. You’re the diplomat. I’m the army. I think the army is a better choice when we’re hearing screams and we’ve got a big angry guy leading us to a private office. Morrigan sighed. Bell was right.

Okay fine. Just don’t go picking fights. Morrigan felt the mental jerk and suddenly she couldn’t move anymore.

Oh have some faith in me. I’m not that stupid you know. Morrigan was suddenly very afraid. Something bad always followed Bell saying “trust me” or “have faith in me.” She wished very much that she’d listened to the runaway suggestion earlier.

Too late now little Alice. We followed the stupid rabbit on your command and now we have see just how deep the hole goes.


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