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August 26, 2016 by Lyn

This story is written for Nat Ford’s request, thanks to the “Addergoole Wants You” comments-for-fics promotion.

Kai frowned at the charts in front of her: genealogies, descriptions, birth dates and years.  You could follow patterns easily enough down any given genealogy, but that wasn’t what was making her frown.

“Some of the — genetic donors,” she offered, since parents didn’t fit in all cases — “I can understand clearly.  You have yourself, Mr. Hawk, Professor VanderLinden.  You said some of your interest was in the half-breed—” she wrinkled her nose at the term “—children of pure-blood parents.  So trying for children with different sires, in your case, or mothers, in the other cases, that makes sense.”  It only made sense if she thought about the whole thing like horse-breeding, but she’d been doing that a lot, lately.  She thought perhaps her ability to do so was part of why she’d ended up cy’Regine.  “But then you look at some other parents, like this one,” she pointed, carefully ignoring the fact that she knew at least one of that person’s children, “and they are Faded, or in that section you call near-Faded.”  

“I’m sure you can think of reasons I would do that,” Regine answered.  She was staring straight at Kai, clearly expecting an answer.

Kai cleared her throat.  “Well, there’s the obvious — that you want as wide a range of genetic donors.  You could be trying to see if proximity to other Ellehemaei or to specific types of Ellehemaei likens the chance that someone with ‘weak’ fae blood will Change.  You could be looking at specific ancestors of those Faded donors and picking out traits that way.”  She looked down at the list again.  “You could be hoping to combine specific traits from different genetic trees?” she guessed.  

“Very good.”  Regine nodded.  “There was also a pragmatic aspect to my choices — that is, I had to be able to find and access the genetic donors, they needed to be willing to provide genetic material, and they needed to be willing to sign the contract sending the results of said genetic material to Addergoole.”

Kai pursed her lips and considered that.  “So… you couldn’t breed what you couldn’t get, so you made the best choices available from what you could get.”  She wondered what choice had led to breeding her parents.  She decided she wasn’t going to ask.

“Exactly.”  Regine was smiling at her.  Kai wished that didn’t feel so good and so creepy.

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  1. Ooo, Kai learning from Regine! I love it! Also, Kai has the right reaction 😀

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