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CYOA – Caity: “What sort of thing?”


August 16, 2016 by Lyn

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He’s still smiling, a warm, cheerful expression that makes you feel more at ease than should be humanly possible. “Just a little bite to eat,” he says soothingly. His lips brush against your neck, like a kiss, but no boy has ever kissed you like that. No boy has ever kissed you at all. “Just say yes, and join me in a little meal, would you?”

“A meal?” you stammer. You seem to be having trouble keeping your thoughts straight. “I did want to head to breakfast.”

“Breakfast?” He smiles widely, showing you canines far too long in a mouth of very white teeth. “I thought you’d never ask.” His arm tightens around your waist a little.

“Ah,” you say, stalling, “you…” He has fangs. Honest-to-God fangs.

“Yes,” he says, maybe a little sadly. “Would you indulge me? You won’t feel a thing.”


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