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CYOA – Caity: Go towards the hissing


August 15, 2016 by Lyn

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You go to the right. You’re hungry, darn it, and you’ve never been afraid of the dark. For all you know, the hissing could just be a leak in a pipe somewhere. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

“Come here, little girl.” The voice sounds like snakes and lizards and evil slime monsters who live under sewer grates. It sounds like maggots squirming through dead flesh. Despite yourself, you stop.

“I won’t hurt you… much.” The mocking laughter underscoring the voice ticks you off, and you move forward again. Stupid boys and their pranks!

“That’s good. Just a little closer.” The voice seems to be moving back and forth across the hall, but it’s still in front of you somewhere. Getting even more angry, clutching your crowbar tightly, and ignoring the crawling feeling in the pit of your stomach, you keep going forward.

“What a brave little girl!” The voice is right in front of you now, close enough that you can smell the sulfurous stench of his voice.“Foolish, but brave.” Suddenly, something grabs at your ankles, at your thighs, at your stomach, wrapping around you and tugging you forward.


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