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Choose Your Own Adventure – Caity: Hell Night


August 15, 2016 by Lyn

It’s two weeks into a new school, and things aren’t looking all that thrilling. You made a lot of new friends, but they’ve all seemed to get caught up in dating someone right off the bat, and they’re around less and less. Meanwhile, the only boy you thought you might like doesn’t seem to know you exist and, what’s more, he’s not really human, although he fakes it better than the guys with wings or tails or horns. A minty-fresh breeze is kind of neat, and not really that creepy, right?

There’s no dance or anything tonight, but you heard some people talking about an arcade. Maybe you can hang out, meet some not-too-scary monsters, make some friends who won’t vanish when their dates call.

You open the door to find the halls black, uplit with dim, bloody-red lighting. Something flutters by your face, too close for comfort, followed by an ethereal wailing noise.

There’s no such thing as ghosts, Caity.

Just as you’ve almost managed to convince yourself, a scream rends the air.

If you get your crowbar from under your bed and head towards the Dining Hall, click here.

If you run down the hall to the right, towards the ghosts, wailing, and screams, click here.


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