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CYOA – Richard: Attempt to negotiate further


August 15, 2016 by Lyn

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You don’t really need to look to Coy for his reaction, but you do anyway, out of courtesy, since you’re speaking for him, as usual. He shakes his head no, although, to your surprise, it doesn’t seem to be a very enthusiastic no. Well, the Thorne Girls are attractive, if you can get past all the very sharp points.

“A whole day?” You shake your head. “We’re only asking to get past you, not for an armed escort. Besides, I don’t think either of us are really your type, Acacia.”

“The auguries say what they say, lovely lion,” Allyse intones, “for us, for you, for your Shadow.” She has that creepy look she gets in her eyes sometimes, when she’s prophesying, and even the other members of her Crew step away from her a little.

Coy makes a complicated gesture that seems a little bit rude but might, after all, just mean something about a tree flowering. Massima reaches for one of her blades, but Allyse just laughs.

That decides you. “It seems like you don’t need a whole day of service, but maybe just an hour or two at an opportune moment? I think we could be amenable to that.” Coy nods his somewhat-hesitant agreement.

“Three hours each,” Acacia offers, “at up to three times of our choosing, obviously within this school year.”


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