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CYOA – Richard: Try to talk your way through them


August 15, 2016 by Lyn

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Try to talk your way through them “Well, hello, Acacia, Massima. Looking… sharp, as usual.” Fierce and perfectly dressed, these girls make skin-tight denim look like high fashion. “Sharp” is as accurate a word as you can muster, even with your most charming smile to buffer it.

“Thank you, Richard.” Her smile is fierce, and she’s clearly not impressed. She’s amused, though – that’s a good sign, right? “Where are you two headed? Have you finally decided to play the game?”

You’re a little old for her tastes, so you don’t think she’s actually trying to hunt you – although she might like Coy. She and her “sisters” seem to like boys that don’t talk back. Not hunting you, however, doesn’t mean she’s not going to enjoy fucking with you a little bit.

“Sorry,” you say, almost sincere. “It’s still not really my cup of tea.”

“We all do things we find unpleasant,” she smiles.

“Even us,” Massima adds, her own smile full of such sharp teeth. “Why don’t you and Coy go play? You won’t find any new fish in the Arcade today – they won’t get past us.”

She’d sound motherly, sending you to go play, except that she’s wearing her knives visibly today. She’s not budging.

If you ask them what they want in return for letting you & Coy pass, click here

If you turn around and try another route, click here



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