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CYOA – Richard: Try to convince Coy to Work the wall


August 14, 2016 by Lyn

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The girl is whimpering over there in pain and fear. It could be feigned. It could be a giant trap. But it could also be a Fifth Cohort, scared and in danger. You’ve stood by before and done nothing, because you thought it was none of your business. And last year, you saw that girl Eris, when she was in labor, and her body looked like a train wreck, like no-one ought to have survived that. You know you can’t stand by anymore.

“Come on, Coy,” you urge, though you find yourself whispering intently instead of shouting. “No-one else can hear you, and you know I don’t care. But we need to get to that girl.”

He shakes his head no, but you can tell he’s starting to budge. “Look, buddy, I’ll buy you all the rum you want tonight. But we have to get through that wall, and I can’t do it.”

He frowns, making an elaborate series of gestures, with some rather profane American Sign Language thrown in for good measure. You can’t keep up with it, but you can guess at his meaning well enough.

“But what if it’s not a trap?” you ask. If it is, you’re going to feel like a massive ass for making him go through this. “If that’s for real, then there’s a frightened girl over there. And if we don’t help her, well… you remember Eris last year.”

He grimaces, glaring hatefully at you, and shows you both middle fingers, but he impatiently gestures you to turn around and cover your ears.


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