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CYOA – Richard: Leave, and go to the Dining Hall


August 14, 2016 by Lyn

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The dark halls and dim lights of Hell Night are intended to frighten and panic the new students. They don’t scare you, nor Coy, who prefers the dark and shadows anyway, but you know what monsters go bump on Hell Night, and you’d rather give them wide berth.

Going to the Dining Hall isn’t the cleverest choice, considering your conscientious objector status when it comes to Hell Night – it’s the way most new students go, and thus the path most full of bullies, demons, traps, illusions, and monsters.

Still, you’re hungry. You bypass Shiva’s clever shadow-trap and manage to avoid Anatoily playing fi-fi-fo-fum and the pit trap that is Agatha and Dysmas – not that either of them want either of you, but they might fuck with you just out of spite. You’re well on your way up the stairs when you hear an angry shout: “Let go of me, you wankers!”

You and Coy have both gotten a lot of practice subsuming the white knight instinct since you came here. There’s a large chance it’s a trap, and, if it’s not a trap for you, whoever’s set it won’t thank you for “rescuing” their prey.

Still… You glance at Coy, who seems more than willing to saddle up.

You and Coy head towards the screams. Click here.

Lost? Check out the decision map!



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