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CYOA – Richard: Leave, and go to the Arcade


August 14, 2016 by Lyn

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On an ordinary day, it’s a simple walk down the hall and then down some stairs to get to the Arcade. The school isn’t that crowded; some days you can make it down there without running into anyone at all.

Hell Night is no ordinary day, even by Addergoole standards. The main lights are out, leaving only the creepy red emergency lighting, and shrieks and screams and moans echo through the halls. Some of them are illusory, you know, but some of them are real – new students getting a brief taste of the dark side of Addergoole.

“Going somewhere?” The two girls peel themselves from the shadows like cats stalking in a forest. Acacia and Massima, two of the Thorn Girls. Shit. Neither of them were very pleased with you for sitting out Hell Night last year.

You eye the two sleek beauties, wondering if you can get past without incident. You consider yourself a gentleman, but the Thorne Girls are warriors, and they fight dirty when they have to.

If you try to talk your way through them, click here.

If you turn around and take another route, click here.

If you ask them what they want in return for letting you & Coy pass, click here.


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