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Choose Your Own Adventure – Richard: Hell Night


August 14, 2016 by Lyn

It’s Hell Night morning, and you had planned to engage in your yearly quiet rebellion by not chasing new students around the hallways playing boogeyman. Gennie and Dawffyd are being smugly disgustingly cute over the breakfast table, however, and, miming gagging, Coy gestures towards the door.

“You have an amazingly good point, my friend,” you point out – not too loudly, as you don’t really want to disturb the lovebirds. Obnoxious as they are, they’re still in the fragile new stage. “Still, if we go out, we’re going to be expected to participate.”

Coy shrugs, which, from him, could mean any number of things, but probably means, “better than here right now.”

“Right.” As usual, Coy isn’t a lot of help in these situations.

If you leave, and go to the Arcade, click here.

If you leave, and go to the Dining hall, click here.


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