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Slash 1: Ambrus and Anatoliy


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

The problem with pissing off his mistress, Ambrus mused, was that she had no feel for enjoyable, fun punishment. Oh, she understood the concept – there wasn’t much about human psychology she didn’t understand in concept – but her skewed implementation had put him in some pretty odd positions.

The worst of it was, he thought, as he studied the suitably gigantic erection of the trance-slumbered giant, even bigger up close than he’d thought it would be, and formulated a plan of attack, was that he wasn’t even sure what he’d done to deserve this. And that Anatoliy was so deeply tranced that he’d never remember this, except as a warm dream, presumably of someone he actually wanted.

Being a surrogate fuck wasn’t new to Ambrus, but he preferred having a chance to be acknowledged.

He worked his mouth around the head. Deep in the reverie Regine had crafted for him, Anatoliy moaned. One of those pie-sized hands rested lightly on the back of Ambrus’ neck, fingers splayed from the top of his skull down his back. It could have been oppressive – smaller hands of smaller men had been far rougher on him than this – but it was almost a caress. As Ambrus worked his mouth down the giant’s shaft, he spared a thought to wonder what he’d be like, truly conscious, as a lover.

But he had his instructions, and so he moved with the gentle pressure of that huge hand, wrapped both of his own hands – looking tiny and pale in comparison – around the base of Anatoliy’s penis and began working in earnest.

The moan took him by surprise. It sounded so coherent, so awake, that he glanced up the giant’s body to see if he was awake. But his eyes were still closed, even as the moans got louder and more intense. “I’m…” and that was a word, a genuine word, which was surprising considering both Regine’s skills and his own. “I’m gonna come. Oh god.”

A sweetheart, even tranced and half-stoned. Worth the painful stretching of his jaw. He took as much of him in as he could, glad for a lack of gag reflex.

He remembered at the last moment not to swallow, that Regine wanted this seed for her own purposes.


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