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Description: VanderLinden


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

Meckil, Linden-Blossom
Michael/Michelle VanderLinden
Professor of Literature

Professor VanderLinden appears to be the youngest of the teachers, which suits Mike just fine, as it is easily the oldest of the staff.

In the face it wears as a professor, Mike is a short man, about the same height as Luke, devastatingly handsome, with fair blonde hair cut short enough to contain the curl and a goatee and eyebrows just dark enough to show against warmly-tanned skin. His horns wrap around his head, thick, ridged ram’s horns, and big (they are, however, not as big as Manira, the Sweetest Poison’s). His tail is blue where Jamian’s is grey, lither and smaller all around, and ends with a small point, like a cartoon devil’s tail.

Unless Mike makes the effort, none of its forms are ever heavy; it prefers slender bodies with just enough padding to differentiate gender, and further emphasizes said genders with clothing well-tailored and stylish and appropriate for the era. As Professor VanderLinden, this means trousers, fitted button-down-shirts, and silk ties; he’s easily the kind of teacher students get crushes on.

As a woman, she’s a little bit shorter, just barely breaunnamedking five foot, with small but round breasts and a hairstyle she picked up in 1920, the cornsilk hair waved and bobbed short, falling fetchingly over one blue eye.

And golden-and-blue is what Mike prefers, no matter what the rest of its form. Its hair is always blonde, its eyes always cornflower. (Indeed, you can generally pick out Daeva by their coloration and their horns, which rarely, if ever, change. )

She prefers more classic, ageless styles in her female form, dresses with necklines that cover but suggest far more, smooth lines and swishing fabric. She owns over a dozen silk robes for lounging about at home, just as he owns at least that many smoking jackets and pajama pants (he claims he gave Hugh Hefner the idea) for office hours.


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