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Descriptions: Shiva and Shadrach


August 13, 2016 by Lyn

Shiva cy’Mendosa
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
Third Cohort

In a suite and crew full of cy’Linden and delicate, girly men, Shiva exemplifies being female without being girly, being feminine without being fragile, being strong while still being beautiful.

Although, when we first meet her at the first dance of Year Five, she is wearing a dress, that is one of only a handful of occasions where she can be found out of jeans or shorts; Shiva doesn’t like skirts nor shoes and wears both only when she can’t get away with not.

The cy’Mendosa (“only I could end up needing a shrink for a Mentor,” although she’s not the only one) is a tall girl, at 5’9” (175 cm), slender through the waist and hips, with shoulders broad enough to support her C-cup chest. She’s leggy, a fact she loves to show off all summer long, with strong runner’s legs and calloused bare feet. Her face is oval, her nose upturned at the end, her smile wide, if with thinnish lips, and her eyes often crinkled at the sides from said smile. Her hair is long, straight, and auburn, work with a center part and often thrown into a messy bun.

In addition to the aforementioned jeans, she tends towards button-down men’s shirts, sweater vests in winter, tank tops in summer. Her skin is a pale shade that freckles and burns easily and tans rarely. When she has to wear shoes, they’re usually Mary Janes; her Change does not accommodate footwear comfortably.

That Change: Her feet are not completely feline, but neither are their working completely human anymore. The retractable claws, for one, and an extra set of joints in the toes. The claws are there on her fingers, as well, although they’re closer to human-norm in appearance otherwise.

Formerly cy’Linden
First Cohort

Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego. Whatever their father Smokey was thinking when he named them, in Addergoole, the names mean chaos, pain, and casual sadism (at least the first two. Pity their brother when he comes to school in Year Six!).

Always the second of the brothers, Shad is a little bit shorter, a little bit thinner, and a little bit prettier than Meshach. That is to say, he’s tall, just over 6’4”, thin, narrow-waisted and bony, with a long hawk-beak’s nose and limbs that seem almost too long to be real. When he enters Addergoole, five years before the current story, he’s a few inches shorter but even thinner, hips sticking out of his skin like knife blades.

The Administration would have known something was going on, perhaps, if they’d looked a little harder at Shadrach, and at his scars.

His body started out skinny, but by the end of Year Four, he had built it into hard muscle – no less lean, but tauter, stronger. His skin keeps a nice tanish color all year round, but in the warm months, it bakes into a deep brown. His hair is long, black, and almost always kept in a ponytail; his eyes are brown enough to be black, and his permanent smirk is thin-lipped.

His Change sharpens all his already-sharp edges, sharpens his teeth, sharpens his fingernails, and gives him deadly claws on all his digits. His hair flows down his back in a near-mane, ending in a long tail which he normally keeps hidden.

Slick as he is handsome, he has a way with words; he can generally find exactly the right word in any given situation to do the most damage or the most good. In a different world, he may have been a wonderful diplomat. In this one, he’ll make a very skillful serial killer, I’m sure.


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